May 22, 2016 – Such a day and Charles Diary

Today was so interesting at least in the morning. I was on coffee duty at church so we went down 45 minutes early to set up and make the coffee and set out the donuts. I was just getting started when my partner in crime Kris arrived and told me no coffee in the regular way today but it was going to be over in the school gym. So we packed everything up and three of us took it all across the street.

Turns out one of the nuns at the Day Care Center near by was having her 25th anniversary as a nun and they were celebrating it at our church. The Gym was decorated and they had tons of food there for all the friends of the nun who were coming. So all set up I went over to the Mass.

Wow, what a time. The nun Sister Christina is from Nigeria and many of her friends who came to celebrate were in the most beautiful outfits. The colors and style were fabulous. Men in long flowing tunics and the women with these beautiful hats and matching outfits. They were all from Nigeria some from the same village that the Sister was from.

And then there were the kids – There were 8 first communions also. They were adorable. There were at least six priests there. Fr. Kane who use to be pastor at our church, Fr. Peter Young who is well known for his work in the field of addictions, a young priest from Nigeria who serves in Cleveland Ohio, a Friar who played the violin so beautifully and another fellow in a wheel chair who I did not know. The wonderful surprise was our old friends Owen and Nancy South were there so we got to have a lovely visit with them during the reception.

Our Dunkin Donuts were not quite up to the wonderful food the nuns had provided for every one. But we stayed and visited and Kris and her husband cleaned up so I got off easy for this coffee hour. Not on again until the fall.

The rest of the day I spent reading and scoring a grant that was giving me “agida” Never did figure out for sure what they plan to do so you can imagine the score I will give them.

So now I am going to watch “Wallender” on PBS and then finish this.

Charles O’Connors Diary 1912 – Nov 1 – Dec 31, 1912

November 1912

Nov 1 – Holy Day. Rainy.
Nov 2 – Rain.
Nov 3 – Quiet
Nov 4 – 6 – Ploughed. Rural mail delivery starts. Close office.
Nov 7 – 9 – Ploughing etc.
Nov 10 – Madeline and I go to Mass. Madeline stands godmother for Cecil one time and I am god father for Cecilia the other. Madeline excited.
Nov 11 – Mrs Weeks seeing (Suing) Ross Burtch.
Nov 12 – Ploughing.
Nov 13 – Windy and cold
Nov 14 – Marie and Wilfred stay here all night also Ford Thomas here all night.
Nov 15 –
Nov 16 – Cold
Nov 17 – Sykes and Miss Burning… here.
Nov 18 – Ground frozen hard.
Nov 19 – Tues = I started woodshed. Arthur helps
Nov 20 – Jim Arthur helps me again today.
Nov 21 – – 22- Emily and I go to Gan. Fine day.
Nov 24 Sunday – Went to mass. Terrible snow storm. Started home at 1 arrived 5:30. Terrible day and drive home. Ellen and Madeline worried and relieved to see us home in sight.
Nov 25 – Hardly able to get thro to barn. Madeline takes pictures. Colts amazed.
Nov 26 – Pd. $3.00 for letter box. Returned all postal things. The end of Long Point post office for all time I expect. Percy brings his mother to Ellen’s and Madeline goes home with him.
Nov 27 – 28 Friday 29 – Alex Argue here for dinner.
Nov 30 – Madeline home. Arthur and Walter here.

Dec 1912

Dec 1 – Sunday – Tom Slack comes for visit.
Dec 2 – Percy takes Bridget home.
Dec 3 – Get word that horned sheep are in Gan so I go to Lyndhurst to arrange with Bank to pay.
Dec 4 – Tom Slack and I leave for Gan for Sheep.
Dec 5 – We left at 6 am rested them at ……………….. We left them at McKinleys for night. Everyone curious and never saw such before.
Dec 6 – Got up at 6 and to McKinleys for sheep. Left at 8 home at 2. We are more tired than sheep and they are lively.
Dec 7 – I looked after sheep most of day. Tom and Madeline go out to Athens.
Dec 8 – My birthday. Herb McArdle here but it is cold day.
Dec 9 – mon – Madeline and Tom home early.
Dec 10 – Rob Fril and son here and got 59 sheep.
Dec 11 – snow and cold.
Dec 12 – Young Hall at Frank Slacks (was working there) had pneumonia and died tonight. Sad case.
Dec 13 – Madeline and I go to Slacks to wake.
Dec 14 – Madeline, Miss Seal and I go to funeral.
Dec 15 – Emily’s Birthday. We celebrate both of ours today as Madeline was away on mine. Fergus’ come out and stay all night. Gifts for both.
Dec 16 – Practice those nights for Christmas school concert. Mrs J Danby dead.
Dec 17 – Mrs Sykes and Madeline drive to Gan. John McDonald goes for Ellen to go there.
Dec 18 – Emily and I go Mrs Danby’s funeral.
Dec 19 – more practice. Madeline enjoys it.
Dec 20 – Big night. Good concert. Madeline happy as she and Mrs Sykes did most of work decorating, playing music etc. Big crowd. Herb McArdle, Tom Slacks all night here. Quite a big success.
Dec 21 – closed school and teacher away.
Dec 22 – Everyone tired and resting today.
Dec 23 – Nane Donnelly here back from ……………….
Dec 24 – Got gifts and food ready for Gan. Go in time to go to Midnight Mass and all go to communion. Only Mrs. Meagher (aunt Kate) who stays with children. Eileen lovely babe.
Dec 25 – Christmas Day – Pleasant time. Call at Tom O’Connor’s and John McArdle’s.
Dec 26 – Good day to come home. Wheeling fine as roads are good. Sykes in for eve.
Dec 27 – Nane Donnelly comes for Madeline to go to Ball in Athens with him and she goes.
Dec 28 – Nane and Madeline home after a great time. He wants to marry Mame Ronan and Madeline hopes he will as she is lovely. I get a subpoena to go to Brockville on Monday re William Plunketts horses.
Dec 29 – No one here but Joe Bevins in eve.
Dec 30 – Went to Brockville and took my diary to show we collected money to buy horses for Willie not Plunkett estate. Good trip good day. Congratulated by Judge for forsight re diary and Willie very thankful to me (and yet they hate us Catholics)
Dec 31 – Warm day. It is just 9 o’clock as I write. Madeline is playing piano, it is her great joy. Emily at my elbow reading. I look back at year and found many changes. So many have passed on – some dear ones like Florence etc. But God has been good to us. We have been spared to one another. Thanks be to God and one more added to our family the lovely little girl Eileen but no lovelier or no dearer than Norah and Margaret or wee Maurice. Each has her or his place in our hearts – all dearly loved says Emily as she reads over my shoulder. Amen I say in answer.


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