May 11, 2016 – More One Room School House Stories

I will get to the one room school house in a minute. What a day! I was working my butt off trying to finish reviewing these eight grants for the Feds when I got an email – due date has been extended… deep breath of relief. So that give me more time to read the book I am working on etc.

Then I got another email that I have been accepted to review another group of grants starting this friday until the end of the month. Oh well so much for the break. Will have to go home so I can print things out so I can read them and especially the instructions since this grant is new to me.

And then the good news that my sweetie has been asked to introduce the student speaker at graduation. What a lovely honor. I am so pleased for him. He will get to meet the Governor of the state next door and have a meal with all the various honorees and speakers. Very nice honor for him. He deserves it since he is really a nice guy.

Memory Turns the Dial by Madeline O’Connor –

Dear Grand Aunt Madeline was my grandfathers sister and grew up out here at Long Point. She never married and became quite the writer and correspondent with people she met along the way. Thanks to her we have so many pieces of family history. All you younger folks probably don’t see the value in that now but some day you will.

This little piece is called “Changes in 50 Years”

Such memories caused one to realize the change in 50 years and one wonders if the next 50 will equal the past and if our present remedies, which we consider so wonderful, will be considered as ridiculous as the “fetty bags” of those long ago days.

If any child got sick or hurt, the teacher sent the pupil over to my Mother. During many wintry and blizzardy storms, Mother would make up beds on the second floor for five to nine children, who would not be able to get home through the drifts (no snow plows in those days).

In early summer, when our four beds of Peonies were in bloom, each child would be given one large bloom to take home, as few flowers were grown in their yards.

The school yard had many rocks; some large, some small, some rough and some very smooth–thus it was an ideal yard for playing hide and seek, while the low slanting roof made an ideal place for the ball game of “ante over.”
Other games were “London Bridge is Falling Down”, Blind Man’s Bluff etc. How dull the present day pupils would find them compared to the “sport” games of today. Also we had a bear cave for gymnastics. Behind the school yard across a flat strip of ground, there was quite a hill edged by a thick piece of wooded land and years before, bears had a comfortable home on the hillside.

Such fun they must have had playing in the woods. My mom always told us about the bear cave and took me once to show it to me. I plan to clear out that part of the yard this summer to make it more accessible for play. Right now it is filled with old garbage from the former renters. That is another story..
More tomorrow.


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