May 9, 2016 – One room school houses

Well at least I thought it was the computer. It was me not knowing the right setting to connect this thing to the internet up here is the Great White North. And no it is not white up here except for the gorgeous Trillium underneath the trees in the woods.

I love the peace up here. I have cleaned up the School House to get ready for Doors Open Ontario at the end of May. Windows washed, curtains washed and rehung, floors cleaned up, desks put in the right places and getting out various items to display on the last weekend in May. Not really a lot of work.

Then today I was sorting books and reading things I found along the way. I think I will copy some of the stories from Aunt Madeline’s book on here in honor of Long Point. Did you know there are two Long Points? One over near Toronto and this one here. On the map we are named so although we don’t have a Post Office anymore we are on the map.

I just read the first page of Aunt Madeline’s book and I am sitting here giggling. Maybe you can figure out why… Comments by me will be in brackets.

School Days at Long Point” A Trip in Nostalgia! published in the book “Memory Turns the Dial” by Madeline O’Connor.

In 1973, after much planning, fourteen of the public schools in the township of Rear of Leeds and Lansdowne, Ontario, united to form one elementary school. A very modern beautiful building was erected, staffed by fine teachers, at Sweets Corners. (The Long Point School closed in about 1961. We have a picture of the last group of students to attend there in 1960.)

A successful celebration was held on the opening date, October 16. A very fine souvenir booklet was printed and dedicated to the students. This attractive publication contained a short history of each of the old schools and a precise picture of each of the 14 schools by a local artist, Mrs. Etheleen Tye.

Golden Rule Days

While the brief histories were not always accurate, the pictures were truly so and caused many older ex-pupils nostalgia for the “old school days, golden rule days.”

As an old ex-pupil of Long point School, I would like to correct the note re this school (with no intention whatever of criticism, as my wonder is that they were able to get any information, as few records, if any, were kept in the old days.” (the original school records were found in someones attic and are at the Archives in Escott now. Daniel O’Connor’s original signature is in the book, lists of students and teachers and an accounts book – you cannot imagine how often they had to repair window pains.)

My parents were noted for keeping diaries and clippings and I have been asked by several of the older ex-pupils to write about our old school.

In 1842 the land for the first school was donated by Richard Singleton Sr. and a log building erected. This burnt down and in 1852 the present one was built at a cost of #378.00. The land was given by Daniel O’Connor, Esq. When it closed in 1949 and for sale, Daniel’s great – grandson, the late Dr. Maurice O’Connor purchased it and it is still owned by a member of the family. Two Senior Citizens rent it and have a comfortable home there.
(this is where the giggles come in….. first Daniel donated the land to the township in 1852 but it took them until 1860 to build it. And those two old men living in the school house so comfortably = picture this – a room 24×30 on the outside, no running water, no bathroom, a wood stove in the middle of the room, no bed room, some cupboards for dishes etc. and an outhouse around the back. I suppose if you had the right furniture in there it could have been comfortable. We did find a gazillion liquor bottles out in the back so I imagine that might have made it more comfy.)


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