April 30, 2016 – A to Z Challenge – Z

Never thought I would get here.

Are we finally there? Yes it appears we are. Z at times is a hard letter to find a good word for but I had several choices and they all come together I believe. Z is for Zest for life. I have decided that for me that represents all the people I wrote about this month. These people have a gift they have role modeled for so many people. Many have experienced tragedies in their lives but they were able to rise above. Learning from their experience and helping others not to go down the same path was one way some of the folks live. Others have just lived their lives to the fullest giving to others, never complaining or playing the pity card.

All of these people have been special to me in my life and have taught me about living. They taught me the importance of being more independent, not focusing on my painful experiences but on the good in life. They encouraged me to get out and live life. I owe some of them my life. At times when I was down in the pits they were encouraging and helpful in giving me reasons to keep going and finding the good in life.

Today I spent 4 hours with a group of concerned citizens helping our town police department and the DEA collect unused, outdated prescription and over the counter medications. All those who volunteered to help with this effort were such good workers and so helpful. In four hours 220 cars came and we filled 24 large boxes with drugs. It was such a success. All those people have a commitment to make the world a better and safer place to live in for our children. Life is great.

Enough said. Next year I am going to do a humor month. Have already figured out how I am going to do it. Thanks to all the other wonderful bloggers who participated. You all inspire me.


4 thoughts on “April 30, 2016 – A to Z Challenge – Z”

    1. Having worked with communities who were attempting to do just that I saw so many of them be successful in the few years I worked on it with them. Communities can do it..


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