April 29, 2016 – A to Z Challenge – Y

Y is for Young at Heart!

When I was young my belief was that by age 24 I would die. So once I reached that age, in my head, life seemed to stop. I just wanted to stay 24. I think I have accomplished that for the most part as long as I don’t look in the mirror.

Yes I am old, 72 but in my head I think I am younger, much younger. People recently have been saying to me that they could never drive on trips alone the way I do. I don’t get it, why not get in your car and drive to visit your kids or friends or just some place you want to go to. I love driving and when there are friends at the end of the trip what could be nicer?

Other friends cannot believe I stay alone both here and up north. “Aren’t you scared to be alone?” Weird but I was more afraid when I was in my 30’s of being alone. At my age I suppose I figure no kids to protect, just me doing my thing. When I am alone I can eat when and what I want, sleep when I feel like it or stay up and read or do soduko all night.

Now in some areas younger folks know I am totally out of it, like music. But I love to dance, and am happy to rock away the night with the best of them. But at home I am a talk show junkie and have been since high school. NY City had great shows to listen to and then WGY back in the day before crazy talk started. Now I am an NPR fan since they have a variety of guests, both right and left and great funny shows, arts, book reviews etc. At least a way to stay up on things.

There are lots of women around who think like I do. I have friends in their 80’s and 90’s who I would say are more active than some of the younger folks I know. They travel, drive, belong to lots of groups and volunteer for jobs. It is wonderful to have women like that in my life as they give me hope for the future.


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