April 28, 2016 – A to Z Blog – X

XENODOCHIAL, Hospitable and kindness to strangers. I dare you to find a way to use this word in the next 24 hours. X words are totally weird other than X-Ray.

As soon as I saw this word and its definition I knew I had to write about it. I could see Weir’s Restaurant and Pub in Multyfarnham, West Meath, Ireland. They were the best hosts the three times we stayed with them. Multyfarnum is a great little village in the midsection of Ireland. The Weir’s own a four star restaurant with a pub in the front and they have apartments they rent by the week. When we started taking trips to Ireland we decided to rent for a week in two different spots so we could have a home base and then travel from there. After staying with the Weirs the first time we made sure and returned there each trip.

Who are the Weirs? Pat and Una and their daughters took over the family pub and have made their little spot in the world. They are all friendly and kind people. Sitting in the pub for a drink after a long day of sight seeing Pat is a wonderful barkeep. And then when it comes to food we had the best meals ever in the restaurant. And desserts to die for. They have been given awards for their great food.

Friday nights back in Grandma’s Kitchen they have an Irish and other music session. All comers welcome. I will never forget the night we went – the night before we left Ireland in 2011. I walked in and the musicians looked at me and asked me what song I would like them to play. Being me with no memory for names of songs I just told them to play anything Irish they thought I would like. They played a song one of them had written about Clare. It was lovely.

Both of us loved being there. Johnny Depp also liked their restaurant. He visited there a couple years ago for a meal and let the folks have their pictures taken with him etc. He liked it there too.

And then there are the people of Multi. They are so nice and friendly. Denis went on hikes wtih a fellow named John. And when John was over in the US on business he called and was going to come up except for the snow storm that blew that opportunity. And then there were the women. The first time we went to there I had asked some of the women at the pub where I could go to purchase some knitted goods – like a fool I kept looking at things and thinking I would get them right before we left – wrong… could not find the same kind of places they have in Cork, Kerry etc. The night before we left there was a package waiting for me in the restaurant – the woman had found some irish knitted scarves etc and left them for me. I don’t even know who it was. What lovely kind people.

Pat and Una and the people of Multifarnum taught me so much about the goodness of people. Cannot wait to return.


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