April 26, 2016 – A to Z Challenge – V

It has been kind of fun this week figuring this one out. I thought I might write about my granddad Laughland but then heard something fun to write about.

Driving home on Sunday we switched to CBC Radio and the Vinyl Cafe with Stuart McLean was on. What a gift that show is! I started to giggle as he told the story of the Execution. And soon it turned to belly laughing. It was a great stress reliever. What a great show Stuart has.

For those of you who don’t know here is a link to the CBC site for the program. http://www.vinylcafe.com/vinylcafe/home.php

Every week they have a musical guest but then Stuart tells a story about this little town and the characters that live there. The one he told this weekend was about them purchasing a defibrillator for the community in case anyone had a heart attack. They were all trained to use it. It was put in the garage with the two silly guys always at the heart of the stories since they were always there and it was centrally located.

The fellows got bored with not being able to use the machine so they decided to practice on some roast beefs. It turns out that shocking them did something to make them taste better so the fellow who owns the local restaurant starts selling tons of roast beef dinners.

But the real funny part of the story was when the wife of one of the guys is meditating in her back yard and one of the fellows sees her and figures she is dying and decides to save her life. Believe me it is a total hoot of a story.

I got to thinking about what a gift to everyone this kind of humor is. Kids can listen to it since it is not off color. And laughing is so good for everyone. I know Stuart was going though treatment for cancer I think and not traveling the way he had before but his shows are such a wonderful treat for everyone. So happy to be able to hear them and hope they will continue for a long time.



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