April 24, 2016 – Charles O’Connor’s Diary 1912

For those of you new to my blog – Charles O’Connor was my great grandfather on my mom’s fathers side. He kept a diary until almost his death in the 1930’s. I have been transcribing them slowly over the years and started posting them on my blog in the last year. I often do one month at a time but because of the A to Z Challenge I am only posting them on Sunday’s this month. They give an interesting picture of life on a farm in Ontario from 1895 until the 1930s. Many names are included other than relatives which has brought many people to read the letters. Enjoy.

August 1912 – They have company – Gr Grandmothers sister Susie who she was very close to and her husband Will from Nebraska. They had moved out there before the turn of the century. There are many letters from Susie to Emily in the files. They all went to Montreal to see their other sister Mary Elizabeth who married Will’s brother James Stevens. They had all lived in Athens but then moved away around the same time. Gerald Stevens became a well known writer on Canadian Glass and other antiques. He had an art gallery in Montreal.

August 1 – Just visited all day. Happy.
Aug 2 – Fergus and family and Mrs Meagher (Aunt Kate O’Neill) here for day. Frank, Lottie and Gerald Stevens arrive in car. Gerald very spoiled.
Aug 3 – Johnny Myer takes a great shine to Susie. All to Lake.
Aug 4 – Madeline, Frank and Thomas go to Mass. Nane Donnelly here for evening.
Aug 5 – Everyone 10 of us to go Delta to big picnic. I bought Johnny Myers all new outfit and off he goes to picnic. .. Frank Stevens big laugh when Johnny said to Dad ……..
Aug 6 – All tired today after great time at picnic.
Aug 7 – 9 – Working and visiting. Darley and Percy here all day.
Aug 10 – Folks all left for Athens.
Aug 11 – Sykes, Gus and John Slack here for tea and eve.
Aug 12 – Rain. George and Asher Lee here.
Aug 13 – Went to Gan. Will and Sue there.
Aug 14 – I came home but Emily stayed.
Aug 15 – Emily got home with Lee as her got word Uncle George Stevens dead so Will and Susie had to be back to Athens again.
Aug 16 – 17 – 18 – I go up to Herb McArdles (John had moved to Gan.) Fergus here on my return as Madeline was very sick and he stayed all night.
Aug 19 – Madeline better a bit.
Aug 20 – Rainy.
Aug 21 – Fergus here at … morn. Madeline better.
Aug 22 – Take Emily to station on her way to meet Susie and Will in Brockville and by train to Montreal.
Aug 23 – 24 – Madeline and I very lonesome.
Aug 25 – Hazel Young and Roddick kids here all day. Darley, Percy and Ellen here all night.
Aug 26 – bad storms. Delila Weeks and 3 kids come in storm. Bad storm.
Aug 27 – 29 – Madeline and I go for Emily. So glad to see her home and she had good time and is glad to be home too.
Aug 30 – Madeline’s Day. Fergus meant to come but he had a ….. Ellen with us. Blueberry pie etc.
Aug 31 – Cut wood.

September 1912

September 1 – Go to Mass. Madeline and I very wet.
Sept 2 – 4 – Madeline and I to Gan.
Sept 5 – 6 – Emily and I go to Jones Falls. Met many there. A son of J. B//ney. Mr GB who was by boyhood chum.
Sept 6 – Mary Ellen Judge here for tea. Emily and I have a great time with Mrs Sykes who broke her finger. Has to have Dr. She faints etc.
Sept 7 – Rain
Sept 8 – Tent meeting Sand Bay.
Sept 9 – 13 – Usual farm work. Go to Gan for Stevens’ Ellen goes and stays.
Sept 14 – Joe Bevins takes all for boat ride.
Sept 15 – All go up to old McArdle home. Meet Donalley boys, rest of Stevens. All there.
Sept 16 – Herb McArdle and I take Stevens to station.
Sept 17 – Lyndhurst Fair. Madeline takes me and she comes home. As President I have to be there.
Sept 18 – Madeline and Mrs Sykes takes me to fair but rainy day but some good races. Guy Curtis there is bare feet.
Sept 19 – Fergus meets us at Dump Bridge as Madeline is on her way to Watertown.
Sept 20 – Lansdowne Fair but too wet to go..
Sept 21 – Cut oats.
Sept 22 – Sykes here for tea.
Sept 23 – Rain all day.
Sept 24 – Tuesday – rain.
Sept 25 – new teacher arrives. Miss Mabel Deal? Comes here to board. She pays $3.00 per week. Quiet person.
Sept 26 – Rainy. Twins at Frank Slacks. (Mary Joanna Cecilia, and Charles Cecil born that day)
Sept 27 – Ellen and Emily go over to Slacks.
Sept 28 – 29 – Very cold. Snowed a bit.
Sept 30 – Ploughed a bit. Emily and I miss Madeline.

October 1912 – Wow, all the funerals one right after the other. Sad week for Charles and Emily. I looked on line at death records and that says she died on the 8th. this diary says she died on the 10th. She died from TB and peritonitis. she was 31 years old. Michael Fodey was the father of Annie Bridget Fodey who married Arthur Owen Slack who was a nephew of Charles and Emily on the O’Connor side.

Oct 1 – Get word Del McMillan deal. Dr Garrett from Kingston operated on him. He died. Madeline will feel awful about this Such a fine boy and they were close friends.
Oct 2 – 3 – Emily and I go to funeral.
Oct 4 – 5 – Start to dig potatoes
Oct 6 – Emily and I to Mass. Dinner at Annies, stopped to see twins. M Fodey died.
Oct 7 – Cut buckwheat.
Oct 8 – went to Fodey funeral. Poor Florence McArdle very low. (died 8th of Oct)
Oct 9 wed – Mrs Clara Andress here for eve.
Oct 10 – Fergus phones Florence dead this morn. …… we get ready and go to Gan. Stay up all night at John’s.
Oct 11 – Go to funeral. Marg and Norah home with us. Ellen with Miss … then baby born at Fergus by morn.
Oct 12 – Rain
Oct 13 – Rainy. Sykes’ here.
Oct 14 – 16 – Fergus Brings Madeline from boat. Visit rest of day.
Oct 17 – 19 Paid princ and interest.
Oct 20 – Emily and I went to Gan and stood godparents for Frances Eileen O’Connor. Herb McARdle and Sykes for eve.
Oct 21 – Madeline, Norah, Margaret and I went to Croziers. Nice drive.
Oct 22 – Dug potatoes.
Oct 23 – 26 – Threshers.
Oct 27 – Fergus here. Then Norah home with him. Margaret stays.
Oct 28 – Thanksgiving day.
Oct 29
Oct 30 – Ploughing.
Oct 31 – Sykes’ and Madeline at Slacks for tea and eve.


2 thoughts on “April 24, 2016 – Charles O’Connor’s Diary 1912”

  1. Thanks for getting these out, Margie. I am enjoying them as I am an occasional ancestry researcher myself. Since we are distant cousins, I can look for overlaps!


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