April 22, 2016 – A to Z Challenge – S

I admire Sarah so much. She is a young woman following her dreams of being a dancer and actress. And she is doing it her way and being successful at it. Sarah has a lovely voice and has been singing from a young age. She also started acting in the younger grades.

The weekend her dad died she was staring in a play in the middle school. She was 13 years old. She could have crumpled and walked away but she knew what her dad would have wanted and she did the show. There was hardly a dry eye in the audience since everyone there knew what was happening to her family that weekend. Her dad died Saturday morning and that evening with family in the audience she sang and acted up a storm. It was unreal. She was able to separate reality from the fantasy of the play and did it. It was wonderful. I have to admit I was a sobbing mess and so proud. At her dad’s funeral this lovely young woman sang the last song she and her dad had sung together. She sang without accompaniment and did not miss a note. She was 13 years old. Talk about an old soul.

Sarah went through high school singing and dancing and got herself a wonderful scholarship to college to study musical theater. She got summer jobs acting but also scooped ice cream and served coffee I believe. She did what she had to to keep moving forward.

Today she is part of an acting company and last year I was able to see her star in the Miracle Worker. She was inspiring as Helen Keller. I was so pleased that I got to see her in that role. It was such a difficult one but I found myself totally wrapped up in it. I forgot I was watching Sarah she was so good.

I use to encourage her to go to NY City but I can see now that was not good advice. Sarah is settled down into a nice life, with lovely people she works with, in a solid theater. If she wants to get herself to NY City sometime to try out for parts she can but for now she is very happy where she is. I just wish she were closer so I could see more of her performances. I know her dad is so proud of her and the way she has followed her dream. We all are.


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