April 21, 2016 – A to Z Blog – R

I was not sure if I would write about this woman but she knows she is someone I totally admire and feel blessed to have in my life so I will tell you about how I met Rosemarie. Our story starts back about 14 or 15 years ago. I was working for the county and one of the workmates mentioned that some friends of hers lived in our town. The couple had both been social workers at the county in the past. A while later my friend mentioned at a meeting that the husband was very ill with cancer and she thought they probably went to our church. I did not know them but their names were in my mind. I knew they were young and had children.

One day I was at church and noticed this fellow who was obviously going through chemo. He was there with the wife and three children. They were a lovely looking family and I thought I hoped someday to be in a position to meet them. Little did I know how we would meet.

At Thanksgiving I heard that the husband had died from the cancer. I could not imagine having that loss and worse yet just as the holidays were starting. A week or so later I received a call from Sr. Betsy from the Church. She wanted to know if Santa would be able to make a special visit to a family on Christmas Eve who had just lost their father. I told her I knew who that was and of course Santa would make a visit. It would throw off our Christmas Eve but this was more important. Their tradition had been to go to the children’s mass at church and then home for dinner and then Santa would stop by with a gift for each of the kids – just passing through town… The oldest child knew that her dad had done this and was very worried about what they were going to do. Thankfully her mom could just tell her – “it is all taken care of so don’t worry.”

For the next few years every Christmas eve we visited this family. But something else happened along the way as well. We became attached to them. We found out what wonderful people they were. The mom made sacrifices for her children and the children knew it and loved her all the more for it. Today those young people are such giving and kind young adults and doing so well in life they are role models for their peers in their various communities. Mom is now working in a job that brings joy to many people. And when we see each other there is always a warm hug. She is also in a new loving relationship that bring them all joy.

This was one of those accidental meetings that has turned into a loving and caring relationship. I am so blessed to have these four people in my life in whatever way.


One thought on “April 21, 2016 – A to Z Blog – R”

  1. Margaret, this was such a surprise to read. I feel honored that you wrote about me and the kids and the special way we became friends. I think you know how much you mean to us. I often think about how, during our time of need, various angels swooped in to help. You and Denis were certainly among them.

    I was so worried that first Christmas about so many things. Having Santa and Mrs. Claus there for my three little ones was such a blessing. And that you continued a tradition that their dad had begun meant so much to me (and forever will).

    Thank you Mrs. Claus to both of you for your kindness and generosity then, and for the gift of this writing tonight.



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