April 20, 2016 – A to Z Blog -Q

Living on Queen Anne Hill in Seattle was so much fun. I never thought of it as living in the city but we were living in the city. We could catch a bus downtown to go shopping, take it to the zoo or Greenwood Lake to swim in the summer or down to the ice rink or a football game. We walked all over that darn hill. We would walk down the hill to go to the Uptown Movie Theater. That was always funny. I don’t know what the distances were from one house to the other but once I hit Jr Hi my friends were all over the hill and I would walk to their homes after school and then walk home again. I am sure the exercise was good for all of us.

Our high school seemed to have good views from every window since we were on top of the hill. My house was about three blocks from there and was called one of the Cave Dwellers Houses since we were on the side of the top of the hill. The views were spectacular. To the south was Mount Rainier, to the north Mount Baker and east all the Cascades. And down below was Union Bay and further east Lake Washington. Did we appreciate that as kids? Most likely not! And as an adult no way could I afford that house. But on visits back there I have gone back to the house and looked at the view. Wow is all I can say.

The high school was very large and housed both Junior and Senior High Schools. The classes (7th gr, 8th gr, 9th) were very large because there were so many kids. But I was lucky. In 7th grade they chose a group of students to start Spanish and I was picked to be in the group. I made such good friends in that class. We pretty much spent the days together. The other really neat thing was EJ Brown. He was the Chorus teacher and I was lucky to be in that 7:40 am class for three years I think. I loved it. Mrs Hill was the Spanish teacher and she was great also.

My friend Melanie and I would take off on a Saturday on our bikes and go all over that darn hill. We would have picnics at some of the overlooks. We went swimming at Greenlake summer and winter and met some cute guys. We had so much fun.

Then there was the Ice Arena. My brothers played hockey, especially my brother Bill. I would go to their games and we would all go to the open skating sessions. We got to know the figure skaters and the hockey players. It was a super group of friends. And there were the romances etc. I had a huge crush on Ray Hadley. He and his sister skated pairs and were going to Nationals. It was exciting to know them. Their mother and father were skating teachers and we learned to skate from them. We also went to as many Seattle Totems hockey games as well. They were the professionals. It was so much fun. We knew all their names and I got to sit in the area with the boys that cleaned the ice so we were rinkside which was great. Those were such fun times.

After we moved away to Scarsdale the first winter I was home from school sick watching TV and an announcement came on that the whole US figure skating team had been killed in a crash. Some of those people were my old friends and my skating teacher also died in that crash. I was devastated. No one at school could appreciate what I was feeling. Ray, his sister and his mom died in the crash. I cannot imagine his father having to go back to work teaching skaters after that. How does one go on in life after a loss like that.

I love going to reunions of the QA class of 62. I still have friends from there who I chat with on the phone and visit when I can. Even though my heart was always in NY State those memories of the six years we lived out west are outstanding ones that I will carry with me until I am no longer here.


5 thoughts on “April 20, 2016 – A to Z Blog -Q”

  1. Mr. Brown – Senora Hill, the views, the ice skating rink, the QA tribe….we were truly blessed to sing and speak Espanol each day as well as walking all over the hill. Thanks for the memories.


  2. enjoyed your blog. I also lived both in lower Queen Anne and then in high school years right across from the front door of the school. Loved the area and like you did I walked and walked and walked. Thought nothing of walking all the way to town!! Those were the days. Marge class of 1953


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