April 18, 2016 – A to Z Challenge – O

“Ontario” All right this one really is not about admiration but about attachment. When I was young and to this day when I start driving over the 1000 Islands Bridge I get so happy and excited. As a young child it meant going to see my grandparents, my aunts and uncles and cousins. We never had a bad time when we crossed that bridge. And when we would leave to drive home every time I would cry until I reached the Bridge because once there I knew the fun times were really over. I don’t cry today but always have the feeling that I am not suppose to leave but am meant to be in my little space.

When our children were growing up we would take our weeks vacation and go up to Lost Bay so they could be around the grand aunts and uncles and cousins. They all loved it up there, well maybe not the youngest but the others did. They swam, jumped off cliffs, fished, water skied some times and met so many of their second cousins and some became friends. It was also fun bringing up some of their first cousins with them, Andi, and Fergus came along. Andi as a part time babysitter and Fergus as just another kid for them to hang out with. We loved our time there in the summers.

Now that the children are grown we had the opportunity to purchase land in Canada on my gr gr grandfathers property. The 150 year old stone school house is a treasure and the addition we put on is comfortable and serves our needs. It has not all gone smoothly but in spite of the problems, water and septic, we are so happy there. It just feels right when we are there. I could be alone up there and never complain.

I have plans for things I want to do with the land that will make it even nicer and easier on us over the years but one thing at a time. Just being there makes me happy so for now I will enjoy the contentment.


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