April 17, 2016 – Charles Diary 1912

Charles O’Connor’s Diary – 1912

May 1912

May 1-6 – Busy pulverizing, seeding ….
May 6 – Stormy quiet day. Sykes’ here. Lennis and Norah have fun. Boycott Margaret but she pays no heed to them. Amusing.
May 7 – Fergus comes. Emily, Norah, Margaret go home with him. Lennis mad and lonesome.
May 9-10 – Hail storm today.
May 11 – 12 – Hear Charles Slack very ill.
May 13 – Fergus brings Emily home. Charlie Slack died today. May the Lord home mercy on his soul. We feel badly.
May 14 – Went to Athens to wake. Ellen comes to stay with Miss Willis.
May 15 – Bennie Slack lets Celia McEvoy know what he thinks of her. Funeral today. We come home but Madeline stays. Dinner at Connerty’s.
May 16 – O Wiltse comes and buys Bob. Glad Madeline is away as she suffers every time we sell one of the colts. She petted them all 13 so much but such is life. We have to part. My fault against farm life and she inherits this pain from me.
May 17 – Go to Station to meet Madeline at noon. She has lots of tell us.
May 18 – Fergus here.
May 19 – John and Annie here.
May 20 – 22 – Rain rain.
May 23 – 25 – Fitted ground for seed.
May 26 – Madeline and I go to Mass. Roads bad and it is after two when home. Both tired and sick.
May 27 – Madeline and I went to Gan by Halsteads Bay where Mike Slack now lives. Distressed to see Pauline so very poorly.
May 29 – Stayed all night in Gan. Cold rain.
May 30 – Too wet to work on ground.
May 31 – B and A Flood here.

June 1912

June 1 – Fine day. Fenced and ploughed.
June 2 – rainy. Ellen and Joe Bevins here.
June 3 – Fergus and family here today. Sykes in eve.
June 4 – Planting potatoes.
June 5 – John Kelsey died.
June 6 – Emily, Madeline and I go to funeral. Herb McArdle here for tea.
June 7 – Planted potatoes.
June 8 – hard frost.
June 9 – Sunday – Madeline and I to Mass. Home at 1:30
June 10 – 14 – Spring work. Miss Willis and Madeline go to Berryton for Miss Nolan sister of Madelines friend. Lovely girl.
June 15 – I went with Joe Bevins for his motor boat. He here for eve. Lots of fun with the girls – playing pedro. Anna Nolan, Peter … and Dwyer present.
June 16 – Joe Bevins takes the girls for a boat ride on Lake and get caught in heavy showers. Come home looking half drowned but happy. Percy and young Stewart here for tea and eve too.
June 17 – Madeline takes Miss Nolan to school. Mr Dale arrives again. He sits in parlor door closed playing violin all day and at that he is a true artist.
June 18 – 19 – Madeline and I go to Gan.
June 20 – Norah home with us. Rainy.
June 21 – 22 – Washing wool.
June 23 – Madeline and I to Mass. Percy and Bridget here for tea.
June 24 – 28 – worked at pine logs for shingles and to Lyndhurst mill.
June 29 – Sykes take Norah, Lennis and Madeline to Gananoque for Norah’s birthday. Lennis gets lost. Otherwise they have a great day.
June 30 – Bridget, …Ellen here then Margaret and Mike (brother). Howard Ellis, Jacquith and wives arrive for dinner.

July 1912

July 1 – Dominion Day. Madeline and I go to Gan for celebration. Fergus speaks.
July 2 – hot day. Put in corn. Arthur S and Percy Flood here for tea.
July 3 – Emily and I go to Joe … for tea for strawberries.
July 4 – Got shingles.
July 5 – Seuffeld and I went to Gan worked around town, at Fergus and S took me to dinner at Brophy house.
July 6 – Finished canvassing and home. S stays with us for tea. Very very hot.
July 7 – Sunday – So hot no one around 90’
July 8 – Started haying.
July 9 – Raked hay.
July 10 – 13 – Busy and hot.
July 14 – Tired out so slept some …….
July 15 – Harry Bevins shingled barn.
July 16 – Thankful for rain and cooler day.
July 17 – Got word Pauline Slack was dead. Emily, Madeline go down and stay until late. Madeline stays. She feels so sad as she was very fond of Pauline.
July 18 – Go to funeral. Madeline home with us.
July 19 – Heavy rain.
July 20 – Fergus comes and stay for a few days to visit and rest. We are so glad.
July 21 – Fergus sick today.
July 22 – Fergus still sick . Tired out.
July 23 – Fergus much better.
July 24 – Fergus able to drive around and see neighbors and friends.
July 25 – Fergus and Frank and family go home today. Get a call Will and Susie Stevens from Nebraska. They have arrived………………………………..
July 28 – Emily, Madeline and I go to Athens. I have a great visit with Will and Sue.
July 29 – Picked berries then with Madeline to Lyndhurst. Fine day.
July 30 – Rainy morn then clears. Emily, Madeline and I go to Lake and had a fine time fishing and just relaxing.
July 31 – Will, Susie and Thomas O’Gorman arrive. Madeline and Thomas have great time. Fine boy.


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