April 14, 2016 – a t0 z challenge – L

Sometimes I don’t understand the word love. We love candy and we love our partners or spouses. I mean really, can those really be compared with each other? I decided to look up synonyms for the word LOVE. Was surprised at the definition I found “Adoration or “Very strong liking”. And instead of love we sometimes use other words like adore, admire, lust, passionate, etc. But their list threw me a bit. Let’s see if I can list some of them.

Affection, devotion, emotion, fondness, friendship, infatuation,
lust, passion, respect

How does one replace “I ’love’ you” with any of these words? These are certainly descriptors of how one might act or feel about love but they don’t seem to me to be synonyms for love. Maybe I don’t understand but this has been interesting to me. I was thinking about when I say “I love Cheetos”. Do any of those words work? Just makes me giggle to think of it.

Love is a word that is used to mean “I like” “I adore” “I lust for” It could be a good movie, popcorn or the person you have committed your life to.

The more I think about it I am coming to believe that it is time for a change in my language use. I am going to try and stop using love so lightly. It has to mean more than just everything beyond “don’t care about”. But really if I am going to use that word when talking to my spouse, children or grandchildren it has to mean something more. It has to be the ultimate expression of how much I care for them.

If I love everyone and everything then where does that leave those I would give my life for. I know we are suppose to be willing to give our lives for anyone else but are we really willing to do that? I guess I will have to do more thinking about the meaning of love. If I figure it out I will amend this post sometime.


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