April 12, 2016 – J is for Jackie

When I was growing up and in Jr High School I met my friend Dolly. She was so smart and we had great fun together. She had twin sisters who were in my brothers class.

Their mother was Jackie and all of Dolly’s friends loved her. She was different from our mom’s. She was like an early version of a hippy I think. Although that is not probably how I would have described her. She was warm and caring and always asked lots of questions. She did not wear “house dresses” like my mom. She was separated or divorced from her husband I think. He lived someplace else but I do remember meeting him.

She was one of a kind. Their house was chaotic and filled with wonderful treasures. It was a small house I think. Everything was so pretty to me. Many of my memories are vague but the ones I have are ones of a comfortable place and safe place.

When I was probably in 8th grade I was in a fix. I was being confirmed and had no one to be my sponsor. Jackie must have heard us talking or maybe I told her my problem. I did not know what to do and my mom was no help. Next thing I knew Jackie had found a friend who was Catholic who would be honored to help me out. Her son was being confirmed that day as well so she was happy to do it and then invited me to the party afterwards. I have always been so thankful to Mrs Moody for helping me. But then that is the kind of person she was.

I wish I had known her more as an adult. It would have been nice to know that all the memories are accurate. But I was not able to and I guess my happy memories of her will remain just that. I will never know if they were accurate or not but that is okay. And finally, I loved her brightly colored front door. It was the only one of its kind and was a symbol to me of her always walking to her own drum beat.


2 thoughts on “April 12, 2016 – J is for Jackie”

  1. Memories like these, in my opinion, are so vital to our lives and personalities. I remember an elderly lady who would always open her kitchen when we’d visit her home. She’d managed to pull together a plate of food, not to mention the cookies after.
    Though she’s been gone for many years, I want those memories to remain fresh. That’s why I try to do what she’d done. I open my kitchen to those visiting. I find meals and treats for them, coffee or tea, etc. I want them to feel welcome, warm and safe as she\’d made me feel.
    Visiting from A to Z

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  2. Of course as my mom, I wanted her to be more like the other mothers, a better housekeeper, able to cook meat without burning it, and always remembering to curl her hair before PTA meetings. IT’s so funny to look back and realize how most of us wanted what others had! And they wanted what we had!

    She was different from the most of the other moms. She was kind – I didn’t remember the part about the confirmation but we did have lots of Catholic friends. Mom had gone to Catholic boarding school and wanted to be Catholic but her marriage history wouldn’t permit that and Dad wouldn’t let us get near the Catholic church (Irish Protestant versus Irish Catholic).

    Thanks for sharing this group of memories.


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