April 11, 2016 – I is for Inga

I worked with Inga a long time ago. It was a work place with almost all women. Inga had come to the US and was married to a doctor. She had graduate degrees in sciences. She was smart as a whip. We worked with kids and she was so patient and kind to them. The staff was very close and we would talk during breaks about family, friends, vacations just like everyone else.

This lovely woman had a hard time at home. One day she told us some of the ways she was treated at home. It sounded like she was more of a slave than a wife. Even her children were learning to treat her as someone less than themselves. Our hearts were breaking for her. But you could see she was thinking and pondering over what to do. She had a job with benefits and where she was loved and respected as one of the smartest women in the place.

One day she came in and announced she had gone to see a lawyer. We almost fell off our chairs. She was going to divorce him and even if he got everything she knew she would be happier on her own. I don’t know what happened with the divorce but I do know she moved on with her life, got a nice apartment and started to get respect from her children. She worked extra hours for the money but was so much happier. Inga is one of the most courageous women I know because of the way she was able to get out of this situation and how she made a great new life for herself.


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