April 10, 2016 – Day off from Challenge

Since today is a day off from the atoz challenge I am going to put on more of Charles Diary. Also just an update.

I finally got to sleep in this morning and felt great when I woke up. The kids were busy making a doll house out of a box with their Dad. Mom went for a run. And I took my time getting up. In a little bit will go to the Farmers Market to get some things to take home with me.

Farmers Market was great. Got some Spelt/Walnut bread and ate that for lunch with some Scottish extra sharp cheese and oatmeal peanut butter cookies and a cup of coffee.

While Daddy is doing taxes we are watching the movie again “Inside Out” and this time I find it more sad than the first time I watched it. There is so much one can get from this movie.

Anyway, I will put a few months on here of Charles 1912 diary.

February 1912 – Charles O’Connor’s Diary

Feb 1 – Emily and I go to Gananoque and find Norah fine. We stay overnight.
Feb 2 – Fergus, Arthur Slack and I drive over ice to Lesh Island. We —- Kipps stock.
Feb 3 – Very cold.
Feb 4 – Sunday – Fergus & Frank, Arthur and Annie Slack here all day. Joe Bevins in eve.
Feb 5 – Draw hay from stack.
Feb 6 – Chas McDonald here.
Feb 7 – Hockey game in Lyndhurst. 7 to 2 for Ellisville.
Feb 8 – Dance for hockey game. Del McMillan takes Madeline who is delighted.
Feb 9 – Stormy.
Feb 10 – Logs to Lyndhurst
Feb 11 – Fergus, Frank and Norah out to see Ellen. Percy Flood and his mother Bridget Flood also. Fergus’ stay all night.
Feb 12 – Allie, Mayme and Leonard Donnelly here. Fergus’ leave for home.
Feb 13 – Pay Edith Green in full.
Feb 14 – Ellen still in bed. 2 weeks now. Miss Willis, Madeline and I to hockey game.
Feb 15 – Warm fine day. Get wood …..
Feb 16 – Took wood to Fergus. ………
Feb 17 – Worked at logs.
Feb 18 – Sunday – Madeline and I went to Mass. Fergus out. Drove Nettie back. George Stevens, Eulalia here.Gus S here.
Feb 19 – Madeline and I to Lyndhurst and drove Bob (?)
Feb 20 – Logs to Lyndhurst.
Feb 21 – Big storm.
Feb 22 – No roads, no mail. School boys five here over night. Wilfred, Sandy, 3 Kelseys.
Feb 23 – not many yet.
Feb 24 – Check for census. Ellen and Madeline both better and up.
Feb 25 – Mike, Maggie, Gus and Maud all day for tea and eve. Lots of music and fun.
Feb 26 – Get up wood for house and Chris Weeks.
Feb 27 – Pump frozen hard. Worked at it all day as the stock were begging for water.
Feb 28 – Am not very well. Percy and Darly here.
Feb 29 – Leap year. One day more, not well.


March 1 – Friday – … 1st calf.
March 2 – Lovely day.
March 3 – Mrs. Ira Bevins dead. Emily goes down an helps them.
March 4 – Emily and I at Bevins.
March 5 – Fergus here and to Bevins.
March 6 – Weds – Mrs Bevins funeral.
March 7 – Thursday – Fergus brings Father Kehoe out to say Mass at Arthur Slcaks. Bertha Kavanaugh here from Mass.
March 8 – Madeline, Bertha and I to Gan. Drove Bob.
March 9 Saturday – Edward Bryan dead. Herb McArdle here.
March 10 – Moses Kavanaugh comes. Percy and Bridget here. Emily and I go to funeral. Lots of music this eve as Moses is great violinist.
March 11 – Madeline goes home with Bertha and Moses.
March 12 – 13 and 14th – Logging all week.
March 15 – Very, very stormy day.
March 16 – Roads bad.
March 17 – John McDonald and Annie O’Connor here.
March 18 – Fergus here. I drive to Lees for Madeline and Moses brings her across Charleston Lake. She has a wonderful time. She weeps.
March 19 – C Weeks and John Sykes help cut ice and store it.
March 20 – Went to Directors meeting.
March 21 – Very cold.
March 22 – Cold, stormy.
March 23- Logging.
March 24 – Pauline Slack, Hazel Young, Lena McNamee, Herb McArdle all here all day.
March 25 – Got up wood.
March 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 In barn with new calves arriving.
March 31 – Sunday – Gus Slack here for dinner. The snow going fast.

April 1912

April 1 – Sent Fergus parcels. Cheese factory opened and took buckets to bush.
April 2 – Fergus came out with Margaret.
April 3 & 4 – More calves. Dan S. home.
April 5 – Good Friday.
April 6 – Sawing machine here soon cuts up wood. Slipped and am lame today.
April 7 – Rained all day. Had dinner at Sykes. She and Madeline new ……. Mrs E Kenny died today.
April 8 – At funeral. …….. one then Bob Tye died today.
April 9 – Went to funeral. Etta Plunkett here for visit. She has job at Rideau Hall. Telephone girl for the Gan …. We are glad.
April 10 – Wed – Dan and Mike S here for tea and over night. Mr Dale as usual here too.
April 11 – 13 – Ellen home.
April 14 – Rained. Ellen here all day.
April 15 – Thunder storm.
April 18 – Cold Tom S here all day and night.
April 19 – Johnny Myers back and Mrs. Dales leaves then J comes (luckily)
April 20 – Madeline and Mrs Sykes go for May flowers.
April 21 – Madeline and I go for a boat ride in creek. Water up to Bridge, Fine day.
April 22 – Rainy day. Picked up sap things.
April 23 – Took Ellen to visit Chapmans
April 24 – Tom and Gus both here for night.
April 25 – Fergus and Norah here all day and Norah stays. Margaret here too.
April 26 – I take Madeline to Lyndhurst as she is invited to big party in hall as guest of Lena and Harold Webster.
April 27 – Went for Madeline who had great time as Del McMillan was there of course.
April 28 – Norah, Madeline and Margaret went to bush with me and got lovely May flowers.
April 29 – …. Other colt this morn.
April 30 – Bridget and Percy here. Norah and Margaret here. Great fun with Percy.


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