April 5, 2016 – D is for Denis

I admire my husband very much. He is quite the smart fellow who is totally committed to his family and extended family. He does not hold grudges much. I suspect there are some but could not swear to it unlike myself.

He took on the role of father totally. He stepped up always when he was needed and took the kids out for special outings and coached teams and took our daughter to the theater in NY with another dad and daughter. I think if our kids were asked to make a list of special times with their dad they would have no problem.

And I have no doubt that he loves me. He encouraged me to do things I was fearful of doing and pushed me to stick at school when I returned rather than walking away like I did in the past. He has trouble with me at times but it never seems to last very long. I know I am not so easy to live with but he has been able to work around the hyper behavior and the attention deficit which makes my mind to go off on tangents with little or no warning. I try to keep it under control but at times, like when I have been drinking coffee, it is really tough. He gets angry but it does not last.

Going back to school on his 40th birthday was a wonderful gift. Over the years he received a Bachelors, Masters and eventually his PhD. His accounting job went away in the 90’s and he had something else to do rather than be sitting there trying to figure out what to do next. He was able to go to school full time and finish his thesis and get his degree. And for the last decade or so he has taught American History. What a wonderful life. I can see on his face how much he loves teaching and the environment he lives in. What a gift for him. Once he is through teaching I am sure he will write another book. And that will be great. He needs to make sure and have something that gives him purpose to do as he ages. I like writing but he loves the research etc.

He bought into purchasing the old stone school house on my gr gr grandfathers property and rehabilitating it and building an addition. He loves it as much as I do. He keeps himself in shape and is quite the attractive 70 year old. He gives me my space to be me and I love seeing what he has done with his life.

He is my guy, so special and a gift to be treasured…


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