April 1, 2016 – Day one of the Challenge – A

This almost did not happen today as I have been going nuts trying to get my computer to work after it downloaded Windows 10 as an update. Sneaky people. I was in tears since I could not access the internet or anything. But here we go finally.

A Arnold’s – I have been thinking a lot about this idea of writing about people I admire for their courage and perserverance. For A I have picked the Arnold family. When they come to mind each of them has gone through things that when they reached the other side they became stronger people, although just getting there took so much strength.

This family has been though more than their share of difficult times. They had four adorable little kids and then their youngest became very sick when less than a year old. He had cancer and in those days the treatments were not like the ones today. Their son lived until the age of four and the whole focus of the parents had to be on him, keeping him away from germs that might make him worse or getting too worn out etc.

As part of their recovery from this tragedy they planned a trip with their children. So off they went for a wonderful trip. Life never was easy for these two. They were out having a wonderful time and their second child became very ill which it turns out was type 1 diabetes. So the time away turned into another crisis in their lives.

I have often wondered if I would have just cracked up under that siege. But they carried on, what choice with three children and now one of those in very fragile condition. But they forged on and became even better parents.

Their child lead as normal a life as possible because diabetes can be unpredictable. And did well in the years growing up.

So they all grew up. The first child who had lived through the death of a little brother and the illness of her her sibling became a very kind and giving person. She went to India on a works program and helped to dig wells in villages and learned about real poverty and the suffering of women in different cultures than ours. She became a teacher, a wife and a mother and someone I admire greatly.

The second child fought the good fight and decided after falling in love and marrying a wonderful person that they would go ahead and have a child. They live life to the fullest inspite of a nasty disease.

The youngest has also taken the experiences of life and turned into a very creative teacher, loving spouse and parent.

So this is my first family/person of courage. All the adults in this family could have used death or illness to escape life but instead they grabbed on and ran with it. Keep it up my good friends.


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