March 31, 2016 – The Challenge Begins Tomorrow

Not that today was not a challenge but tomorrow the a-z challenge begins. I will be posting something about someone, a group of people I admire or something I admire for the next month. They give us Sunday off and hopefully I will remember that. So don’t be surprised if you turn up on my page in the next month. I have admiration for many people but having to do this alphabetically makes it an interesting challenge. Some letters I had a list of 5 – 10 possibilities and others just one name popped up. And some I don’t have anyone for as of yet.

Today we went to Saratoga to see Auntie and the puppies. The kids got over their fear of the dogs and had a great time feeding them treats and petting them. So a real success. Then we went to the playground where they had fun together and then to Ravenous for crepes. The kids had strawberry crepes and I had a lemon one. Aunties was a cheese one with a salad. It was so good.

We got home around 3 pm and the little one was sound asleep. She kept sleeping on the coach even after Grandpa took her out of the car. She was wiped out.

Tomorrow will be so busy too. We have a play date in the late morning and then have to pack and make sure we don’t forget any of their things. I also have to be packed for two weeks. Then we are going out to eat.

I have not decided if I will not do the Charles diaries for a month but some how I think I will.

Charles Diary 1912 – Interesting that on New Years Day they voted, held funerals etc. Also interesting my mom had surgery. I knew about the furnace explosion but not about her having surgery the following year. She had pneumonia from the explosion.

January 1912

Jan 1 – Monday – Fergus’ leave early. Emily not well. I go to vote then Joe Bevins, Madeline and I go to John Dillons funeral. New Years Day and a Holy day.
Jan 2 – Got up some wood. Miss Etta Willis comes to board. Teacher.
Jan 3 – School opens. Tom Slack here for tea.
Jan 4 – Sykes, Joe Bevins and Willie pick here.
Jan 5 – Sold …load of wheat. $25 to Harvey.
Jan 6 – Coldest day yet 26’ below zero. Madeline and I went to Willie Plunketts sale.
Jan 7 – Terribly cold. Quiet day.
Jan 8 – Big snow. J Bevins here for cards.
Jan 9 – Shovel snow bed. Cold. No school
Jan 11 – Blustry day. Johnson Moorhead has been drawing logs to mill.
Jan 12 – Friday – Cold and snowy.
Jan 13 – The coldest day in years. 45’ below.
Jan 14 – cold
Jan 15 – John Sykes and wife here for dinner and tea.
Jan 16 – Tom Slack here all night. Joe Bevins for eve.
Jan 17 – Fergus and Willie Wilson bring piano. Lovely Heintzman and a sewing machine for Sykes. Madeine happy over piano but regrets sale of colt but we could not keep it anyway ——.
Jan 18 – Take Wildfire and Bells colts to Gan.
Jan 19 – cold.
Jan 20 – Hockey game Ellisville beat Lyndhurst. 3 to 2. Madeline for Ellisville, Miss Willis for Lyndhurst.
Jan 21 – Madeline and I go to Mass. Cold. Nane Donnelly here.
Jan 22 – John McDonald brings Ellen home. Arthur Slack and I go to Agri meeting. He is elected director and I am President. Drove Sandys.
Jan 23 – Stormy. Tom S. and Jim B here in eve. Miss Willis is a diabetic so Emily has a problem about food. No sugar etc. She is a fine girl.
Jan 24 – Chas Slack here visit all day.
Jan 25 – Ellen has grippe. In bed all week.
Jan 26 – Call from Fergus. They had taken Norah to Hotel Dieu and operated on her ear a result of explosion last year.
Jan 27 – Call Kingston and Norah fine. Madeline and I to hockey game Ellisville wins 9 to 1.
Jan 28 – Fergus brings brother Mike here for day. Gus S too.
Jan 29 – Stormy all day.
Jan 30 Tuesday – Went to Susan Seabrooks bee drawing up wood.
Jan 31 – Got wood ready for Gan. …………


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