March 30, 2016 – Chopped Liver

In many conversations with my other grandma friends we have discovered that many of us are considered or treated like chopped liver by our grandkids, especially when they are young. Something about Grandpa being the bees knees or these days their BFF’s. We are good for somethings but story time, going for a walk, fun things. Strangest feeling when you know they love you but last night I was told I was loved about 15 inches worth and Grandpa is loved as big as the entire universe. Totally weird how little kids know how to get to you. It is comforting to know that so many of my good friends are treated the same way.

This morning I got to sleep in until 8 which was a treat. Lots of play, a big breakfast and then to Union College for lunch with Grandpa. Those were two really happy little girls. They got to meet the Department Chair, the Dept Secretary, the previous Dept Chair, the other Lecturer, and two of the women who went to Ireland with us. There were tears when we left Grandpa.

From there we went to Uncle Tim’s office so they could see where he worked from. They were impressed by the window where they could see him in his office and all the stuff. First time I think they had ever been to a warehouse.

Then it was time to go and have lunch and play outside for a bit and then at 3:30 we headed for the playground meet up with Wei-Wei and her three kids. The five of them had a great time. After playing we headed home and had a catch as catch can dinner. In other words what ever was in the frig that anyone wanted to eat along with a bowl of veggies to munch on. Then we all had desserts of choice, ice cream, cookies or candy or any choice.

I was determined that we would have earlier bed time so we managed by 8:30. I am sure the little one was asleep earlier than that. She was bushed. Tomorrow is a day of fun with Auntie Nonie, playing with the dogs and cats, playground and lunch out. Should be a grand adventure.

Sol has learned how to work our phone and every day makes a couple of calls, to Aunt Norah, her Mom, Grandpa, you name it. If they are in my phone directory on the phone and she knows them she will come and ask if she can call. Cute really.

OH well, time for Bed. But first-

Charles O’Connors Diary 1911

December 1911

Dec 1 – Fergus phones that Pansy got kicked by neighbor horse. I go to Gan and find Pansy hurt but will recover.
Dec 2 – Take Madeline to B&W en route to visit Isabel Egan before she leaves for convent to enter as Sister. Julia writes of her mother.
Dec 3 – Darly, Percy and Nane Donnelly here.
Dec 4 – 5 – Go to meet Madeline who had a wonderful time. Egans very friendly then she had Sunday tea at Hildegard McNalleys lovely home with her and brothers. Egans she finds very saintly people. Father gives great sermon “bead rattlers.”
Dec 6 – 7 – Turkey fair at Lyndhurst. Take Madeline and Miss Bracken after 4 to see crowd.
Dec 8 – Holy Day and my birthday 64 – Good day.
Dec 9 – Stormy
Dec 10 – Arthur, Annie, Wilfred and Marie here for day. Very good children.
Dec 11 – Quiet Election day. Mike S and Joe Bevins here for tea.
Dec 12 – Election results for Leeds. W. Wilson Lib 29, Dargrvel 44. Get call from Fergus that Franks Uncle Martin Meagher fell downstairs this morn and is dead. Emily, Ellen and I go to Gan.
Dec 13 – Stayed all night with children. Ellen stays Emily and I come home.
Dec 14 – I did our and Ellen’s taxes today.
Dec 15 – Emily’s birthday. Big snow.
Dec 16 – Tom Slack and Orange Warren here for tea.
Dec 17 – Fine day. Fergus brings Ellen home.
Dec 18 – Cold.
Dec 19 – Tom and Gus bring their gramaphone to entertain us. Miss Bracken and Madeline dance and teach boys. Such fun with Gus. Tom fine dancer. John Sykes and his wife come in also.
Dec 20 – School closes. Willie Wilson here and stays over night. Great visitor.
Dec 21 – We buy piano from Willie.
Dec 22 – Cold
Dec 23 – To Lyndhurst to shop.
Dec 24 – Go to Gan. fine day. Go to midnight Mass.
Dec 25 – Christmas Day. Midnight Mass, Back and had hot cocoa. Back to 11 Mass. Arrive home to find Ellen back from Annie’s and she stays with us also Gus S. We get lovely gifts and for her too.
Dec 26 – C McDonald and John here.
Dec 27 – School meeting. Tom Gelford Tye elected trustee. Arthur here for dinner.
Dec 28 – Very, very cold. Joe Bevins and Rube Burtch. Latter moved phone for us.
Dec 29 – Emily is very sick. She has worked too hard past weeks.
Dec 30 – got up some wood. Emily no better.
Dec 31 – Snow this morn but it turns to rain. Fergus and family arrive at 3. Emily up and has dinner at 6. Great evening all together. Joe Bevins joins. He is always welcome. Children love him too. John Dillon died this morning and Madeline so sorry. She was very fond of this queer rough old John. End of 1911. Thank God for good year, a prosperous one. Thanks from our hearts for all his blessings. We pray He will bless and protect us all on coming year and grant us grace to serve Him as we should in New Year. Goodbye old year 1911.


3 thoughts on “March 30, 2016 – Chopped Liver”

    1. My daughter in law wrote me and said they do the same thing to mom and dad. Some days so much love for mom and other days more for dad. No telling whose day it will be to get the attention. Just part of their development.

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