March 29, 2016 – Fun Day

Each day is filled with adventures especially when you have grandkids with you. Today is hubby’s day to work at home so it took some of the work off my hands so I was able to get a couple of loads of laundry done, some clean up and got to both my Chair Yoga and Tai Chi classes. Nice break during the day.

I got out my antique doll furniture and let the kids play with them. My doll house furniture needed a good washing so the three of us washed and dried them all so they could use them in their doll house. They were having so much fun that when Grandpa asked them if they wanted to go for a walk down at the bike path they said “no”. OH well. they were having a great time.

Food is so interesting. Asta and Grandpa made pancakes and they ate half a melon. Of course at some time during the day we had a great snack of skittles and jelly beans and then strawberries. We bought Ice Cream treats on Monday but they have not even had one yet. Will have to work on that for tomorrow.

I take my neighbor who is 89 to Chair Yoga Classes. She is amazing. She has had knee and shoulder replacement but tries so hard to do all the stretches and just does not quit. Her daughter was our first babysitter when we moved here. She was great. Jo’s husband also stopped to meet us soon after we moved in and told us the history of our house – his daughter had married one of the sons in the family that lived here. He told us about all the inventions that Dr. Neugebauer put in the house, all the wood work was his, and the cat window in the basement. He had also kind of made the furnace. It worked just fine until we replaced it three years ago. So many neat different things about this house that make it special and unique. Anyway, Jo and I had a great chat going and coming. It was so windy I was afraid she would blow away as we walked from the parking lot.

Then Rose and I went to Tai Chi. We both really like the people in our Tai Chi class. They are all really nice people and even those with years of training help us out and work with us. My good buddy Rose is having surgery before I get back in April and I just hope she does well. We won’t be having any classes together for a while and I will miss that.

I cannot believe that spring is here and soon I will be heading for the school house. I cannot wait. Have to get it ready for Memorial Day weekend when we will participate in Doors Open Ontario. If you live up that way near Leeds County we will be open both days of the event.

Charles Diary – 1911 – towards the end of this month they get word that Charles uncle Charles wife and daughter had died down in Auburn NY. It was a very sad time. Have tried to find out what happened to Alice’s two boys since someone had suggested the Alice’s husband was not too interested in his boys.

November 1911 –

Nov 1 – Holy Day. Quiet, write letters.
Nov 2 – Snowy day. Fergus and took Pansy. Madeline goes home with him as Frank not well.
Nov 3 – Too frozen to plow.
Nov 4 – and 5th – stormy.
Nov 6 – Monday – Plowed.
Nov 7 – went to meet Madeline at Mrs J Leadbeaters sale. Miss B comical.
Nov 8 – Cold
Nov 9 – Madeline and I go to dump bridge to get Norah and Margaret. Madeline had chanced it to L. so could not bring them.
Nov 10 – 11 and 12th
Nov 13 – Old Mrs Russell dies at Arthurs.
Nov 14 – 18th – Busy week getting up wood. Many in in eve. Usual time.
Nov 19 – Nice day. Fergus here. Norah sick.
Nov 20 – Our wedding anniversary. Fergus and Frank give us nice rocking chair. Madeline goes home with Fergus tonight. Norah better.
Nov 22 – W Harrison here for dinner.
Nov 23 – 24 – Bad weather all week.
Nov 26 – Sunday – Emily, Norah and I have tea at Ellen’s.
Nov 27 – went to meet Madeline at Bridge. She brings us word Alice O’Connor and mother dead.
Nov – 28 – Readying for winter this week. Chris W and I move


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