March 28, 2016 – Tired Grandma

After the trip yesterday and getting the kids settled boy was I bushed. But being myself who loves being up at night I did not get to sleep until after midnight. Then of course this morning the girls were up very early – like before 7 am and we were off and running.

Boy am I tired. My plan it to get to bed by 10 this evening so maybe tomorrow I will be able to make it through the day. Grandpa will be home tomorrow so we shall see how it all goes. I have one play date set and another one I am working on. this is going to be one busy week so I guess getting sleep is going to be more and more important.

There is nothing I love more than watching the girls playing together. They chatter away, share quite nicely and move from one task to another. They went today from drawing, to play doh, to doll house to legos to scooter, to this and that. We also read some of Anne of Green Gables, and watched some youtube videos of the PBS Anne of Green Gables. It was a great fun day.

Sol likes to read to herself before she goes to sleep. I figure that is not a bad thing for her. I loved reading myself to sleep when I was her age. She is getting to be a much faster reader. Also was impressed with little ones writing and working on words. The Montessori method is pretty darn good.

So everyone is in bed so I think I will head upstairs. I am in charge of getting the kids to the potty at 11 pm and agreed to be upstairs in case they wake up during the night. so will put another month of Charles Diary on here and then go to sleep.

Charles O’Connor’s Diary – When he talks about Margaret and Norah visiting that is my mother and her sister who were about 3 and 2 at that point.

October 1911

Oct 1 – rainy. Arthur and Annie Slack here all day.
Oct 2 – Miss Hazel Bracken came here to teach although she has no qualifications so she stays with us. Madeline is glad of that.
Oct 3 – 6 – ploughing then rain and snow – cold
Oct 8 – Emily, Ellen, Madeline and I at Slacks.
Oct 9 – take Madeline over to stay day with Pauline.
Oct 10 – Annie Slack sick so Madeline goes to help her.
Oct 11 – Annie better so Madeline at home eve.
Oct 12 – Thresher here. Mike and Maggie S here. Fergus comes tonight. Margaret stays.
Oct 13 – 14 – Threshers later. Margaret great to me with them. Wheat 130 bushels, peas 20 oats 290.
Oct 15 – Madeline and I go to Mass. Annie McDonald home with us.
Oct 16 – Percy and Bridget Flood here for day.
Oct 17 – Take Annie and Margaret to Lyndhurst.
Oct 18 – Emily and I go to Gan. Margaret with us.
Oct 19 – come home, Norah comes with us.
Oct 20 – 21 – meet John Desmond at Lyndhurst station.
Oct 22 – Good to have John for a visit. The Slacks all here today and eve.
Oct 23 – John and Madeline go to Slacks. Jim Stevens and George here and stay all night.
Oct 24 – John and I go to Delta but phone as Fergus comes to see John so we hurry home. But first call on Dan McDonalds.
Oct 25 – Took John Desmond to station. Jim Stevens here.
Oct 26 – Emily and Madeline spent eve at Sykes.
Oct 27 – Took Jim Stevens to Donnelly’s. Sad to go there and not have Kate in her drawing room to welcome us.
Oct 28 – Paid $10 on telephone stock. Cold
Oct 29 – Madeline and I go to Mass and nearly perish. Coldest we ever were going to Lansdowne
Oct 30. Thanksgiving Day. Quiet.
Oct 31 – Rain all day. Go to L and go to plow point


2 thoughts on “March 28, 2016 – Tired Grandma”

  1. Margaret, you can tell your little girls I called my daughter Diana after the perfect friend of Anne of GG is she like her? Well she,s bright! Love to you all


    1. I was an Anne of Green Gables girl and I wonder if my mom might have read them as well. My Norah started reading Anne books when she was 6 like Solveig and has read them over and over again just like I did. I told Sol about your message and she just gave me that knowing smile. She is very cute. At the moment they are upstairs playing with antique doll house furniture that I was given when I was about 5 from a lady one of my Dad’s salesmen lived with – boarding house. She was old I think so they are quite old.


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