March 27, 2016 – Big Day is coming

April 1 is going to be the first day of the A to Z Challenge which I signed up for again this year. I have decided to write each day in April about someone or thing that I admire or have admired in my life. It should be a interesting month since I found it was not a real struggle to come up with various names of people to write about from A to Z. I have a list and have written down thoughts on them to when I am traveling it will be easier to write the actual blog post. And I already have a project for next year if hopefully I remember it. So wish me luck that I make it to posting every day in April except Sundays which they give as a day off – I might write anyway since I like keeping in the habit of doing it.

The weekend went really well. Daughter and I drove down on Friday to DC and in spite of the traffic we got there in good time. The little people were so happy to see us and we had a great time with them. The adults were also all in good form and we had fun eating out and in and playing a board game. This morning we left earlier than we planned which was good since the traffic was getting heavier as the midday went on. We arrived home at about 5 pm and after a final little visit with daughter we feed the kids and read stories, bath etc and they are both sound asleep. No complains.

Tomorrow the little ladies and I have to grocery shop to make sure there are things they like to eat around here. Then we can go for a walk down at the river or just play outside etc. Should be a fun time. Have to line up a couple of other activities for during the week and then make sure we get laundry done etc. in order to take them home on the weekend.

Had a lovely chat with my brother Jim today. He is doing well. His wife has what sounds like a bad cough and maybe bronchitis so hope she gets better soon and that he does not catch it. I am planning to visit them while I am down that way, in fact hope to see all the various folks in my generation while I am there and on the way home. We enjoy our visits so much.

CHarles O’Connor’s Diary 1911 – this is a great month full of visits from Colorado cousin James Trainor and his daughter Nellie who became a nun and the Trainor family has letters about this visit. Also Charles took a trip to ROchester to visit his cousin Julie O’Connor Ivy (Iven) Hughes and her sister Norah and other cousins. And he mentions Barbara McLeod who was my mothers nannie for quite a few years. She lived with the family and took care of the kids and did housework. My mother loved her very much and also they stayed in touch through their lives and Barbara wrote a children’s book when she was living in New Jersey and sent a copy I believe when I was born. I have the book.

September 1911

Sept 1 – Rainy so did little Percy Flood came to stay a few days. He and John M fish.
Sept 2 – Fredenburg and son here for dinner.
Sept 3 – Emily and I go to Mass, home at noon and Fergus’ arrive also. Mr Smith and Mr Parkinson of Montreal. Great visit.
Sept 4 – S and P take Percy to Elgin in their automobile. C and M Lappan. I sold them 4 sheep for $95
Sept 5 – Alex Argue buys 2 heifers for $60. Madeline went with Percy to Sand Bay.
Sept 6 – Jim Burns and I go to Seeleys Bay to a Reform Pol. Meeting. Fergus spoke.
Sept 7 – Not well today. Jim Traynor and his daughter Nellie arrive from Ordway Col. Great visit. Madeline and Nellie friends and they have Pauline join them.
Sept 8 – Visited all day. Frank and Maggie here for eve. Madeline had to go to Lappan/Patience wedding as she was to play for Fr. Kehoe to sing.
Sept 9 – All to Slacks for dinner. In eve Jim and I went to Liberal meeting in Lyndhurst. Got $95 part pay for census work.
Sept 10 – Sunday – Fergus and Norah came. Ellen had us all for dinner. Jim Traynor goes home with Fergus.
Sept 11 – Have had wonderful visit with my cousin Jim. Take Barbara McLeod to Gan and she will work for Fergus and Frank. Frank and Maggie S tired of Barbara.
Sept 12 – Jim back with me. Madeline and Nellie had wonderful day on the water at Black Rapids with Pauline and Tom. Nellie thought it so beautiful there and novelty of singing River Shannon, Nola, etc on water wonderful.
Sept 13 – Trainors leave for Elgin and we feel very lonesome for them Madeline loved Nellie.
Sept 14 – Lyndhurst Fair and nomination day.
Sept 15 – wet day but I had to go to fair.
Sept 16 – got milk cheque 37.80. it’s down.
Sept 17 – Madeline and I go to Mass. Lily Larose baby’s funeral so we go afternoon. Few there.
Sept 18 – Emily and I go to meet Fergus at Dump Bridge and took Pansy down for him.
Sept 19 – Pd 100 on prime int. etc today.
Sept 20 – Madeline and I go to Lansdowne. Good time.
Sept 21 – election in school big crowd around all day.
Sept 22 – Liberals lost yesterday.
Sept 23 – worked around place. Madeline goes to meet Isabel Egan at Sat but got nearly ship wrecked. Nettie got frightened at Wm Brackens car and nearly smashed buggy and Madeline too. Madeline does not tell us much but Jim Townsend tells all.
Sept 24 – Isabel has asthma all night. Tom Slack and I start for Rochester. Take boat from Gan on all night got to Charlotte at 9 am and to Rochester 11.
Sept 25 – spent day with Julie and Hughes. Norah called on Terrence D. left at 7.
Sept 26 – on boat all night again but we enjoyed every bit of it.
Sept 27 – we took Miss Egan. Isabel to stn. She is entering House of Providence on Dec 8th.
Sept 28 – Johnnie M back.
Sept 29 – rainy.
Sept 30 – drew up wood. Darley and Percy here.


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