March 25, 2016 – Adventures galore

Today ended up being an adventure. Norah and I left home around ten. A bit rainy but driving not bad at all. First surprise was the number of people on the road.. By the end of the day I was suggesting to them that they had some nerve being on my road taking up my space.

Second all those people caused some Grand backups along the way. After taking quite a long time to cross the Delaware Memorial Bridge we made the decision to get off I95. Ended up with a fun ride down through Delaware heading towards Dover. Until we came upon a crash with three cars involved, at least ten first responders vehicle there, then a helicopter came and once we saw how badly crushed the cars were we understood why the whirlybird.

The ride over the bay bridge was gorgeous. Then we took another wrong turn and headed the wrong way it seems. It was about forty minutes before I knew where I really was. Do know we were driving through Prince George’s County. GPS got us here finally. It was a good giggle along the way other than the crash..

The girls were happy to see us. They are as cute as ever. We had dinner and watched a movie, kids type, and then did stories and kid bedtime. So life is good.

No Charles diary until Sunday. Only using the iPad until then. Tomorrow is suppose to be a gorgeous day so will do whatever the girls want to do.
Nite all!


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