March 24, 2016 – Good movie

Last evening we went to see the movie “Brooklyn” at the Scotia Cinema. It is a great place to see a movie – $3.50 a ticket and $4.00 for a medium popcorn and a water to share. Cheap date for sure.

“Brooklyn” is a lovely movie. The picture is set in Wexford Ireland and Brooklyn, NY. It was a very good story of the 1950’s and the Irish who were leaving for a better life in the US. It was a powerful story showing the loneliness of the new immigrant and the desire of the young Irish women to find someone to marry to give them some security. Although the star of this story was getting the education so that she could have a career. The other interesting picture was of the way the folks in Ireland when she went home for a visit after her sisters death treated her. They tried to set her up with a fellow there so she would not leave. The mother put the Irish guilt on her big time but in the end she returned to NY. It was wonderful.

Today was get ready to go to DC day. Car gassed up, a little cash in the wallet, visited Trendy Tots to pick up some outfits for the girls and shopping for food. Also folded laundry and made final plans with the darling daughter. We are both excited about the road trip. Maybe on this one we will make some plans for a trip to Anne of Green Gables Country. We talk about it but never do it. Maybe the time has come.

So no big adventures today. Let’s try some more of Charles Diary.

August 1911

Aug 1 – Too hot to work. All have dinner at Ellens. Emily takes food up.
Aug 2 – Alex Argue cut spring wheat for me.
Aug 3 – Took Mary and Lottie to Gan.
Aug 4 – Finished binding wheat.
Aug 5 – Drove Daisy to Lyndhurst first time hitched since she got hurt. Seems fine now.
Aug 6 – Fergus and Frank and children. Fergus returns to Gan and family stays.
Aug 7 – Johnny Myers goes to Argues to work.
Aug 8 & 9 – Harvesting
Aug 10 – I take Frank and children to Annies at Sand Bay.
Aug 11 and 12 – Working at grain.
Aug 13 – great day
Aug 14 – Very hot. Sold lambs 10 for 50.
Aug 15 – helped Jim Burns. Big rain tonight.
Aug 16 – Johnny M back and goes fishing.
Aug 17 – Made wagon box. Too wet to work.
Aug 18 – My turn to take cheese to train.
Aug 19 – Tom Slack, Madeline and I go Gan. Take Daisy in for Fergus to drive.
Aug 20 – Sunday – Ellen and I go to Mass.
Aug 21 – Truesdale meets C Niblock who brings him 26 chicks.
Aug 22 – Fergus and Somers O’Connor here today.
Aug 23 – Fergus and C stay all night and all of us go to Liberal Convention. John and Bill McDonald here for tea. Fergus gives good speech at Convention. Gets great praise.
Aug 24 – Somers and Fergus return to Gan. Ellen, Emily and I go to months mind for Joanna.
Aug 25 – Take Madeline to Lyndhurst in route to Delta and Toledo picnic with Darley for Sat.
Aug 26 – clean up yards.
Aug 27 – Emily and I go to Annies for day. Sykes and wife here for eve.
Aug 28 – Madeline back. Met a lot of cousins but not impressed by Toledo.
Aug 29 – Started ploughing.
Aug 30 – This is Madelines Day. She and Ellen go to Flat Rock. Aunt Susie never forgets her lovely dress goods. Frank and Fergus new style shoes.
Aug 31 – Emily and I go to Gan for days.


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