March 23, 2016 – Great Birthday Dan B

i posted a bunch of cute pictures of my little guy on Facebook today for his birthday. Don’t know what he thinks about it but I love them. Today is also the birthday of my other son – nephew Fergus. Ferg spent some summer vacations up in Canada with us during his teen years and became one of the crew. Loved those times. He had such fun with Ian and Norah and they all stayed busy while up there. Not that I wanted them jumping off huge big cliffs into the river but I made them promise not to tell me until afterwards. I just prayed all the time that they would come back and they always did.

The other little project today was cleaning upstairs. I love it up there. Had forgotten since it was so out of control. After the girls go I am going to spend time up there clearing out more “stuff” and getting back to using that office space up there. I can see myself getting back into writing up there.

Also having guest rooms for four adults is a good thing also or for son, his wife and the two children. Just have to get some of birthday boys stuff moved out of here. He left things here two or three years ago or more and no sign that he will ever come and take them back so it is time for them to leave. Hubby’s office is also much bigger with the single bed out of there and once the old computers are taken out he will have a much nicer space.

When I was upstairs I got to thinking, what would this room look like if I hired someone to come in a strip it down to the studs and insulate and put up new walls and maybe move the eves back. well not move them back but put more of them in the room rather than attic space. I have been watching too much HDTV again. Would love to get those guys to come here, give them a $50,000 budget and put them to work. Some redesign, redo the bathroom and figure out how to put a shower up there and then reconfigure the rooms. Might really help the darn place.

Going to see “Brooklyn” tonight so have to make dinner so here is some of Charles Diary.

July 1911

July 1 – Dominion Day – Hot. Go to Lyndhurst and get supply of food as we are to get company
July 2 – Warm. Watch for Ivans who arrive at 4 pm. He takes all of us in his car. Ellen, Lottie, Emily, wee Norah, Leo, his wife and daughter to Slacks. Ellen afraid at Black Rapids Falls. Pleasant eve then we get ready for morn start to Montreal.
July 3 – Leave at 10 am. Lottie and Ellen stay in our house with Marcella. Dinner at Brockville. Called on Chas Curtin and on to Cornwall for night.
July 4 – Stayed last night. Phoned D Maloney and they insisted we come over for eve. Dr. Steacy, Lalonde then .. We leave early. Dinner at Coteau. Get to Montreal, Windsor Hotel at 7. A wonderful meal then we go to Frank Stevens for eve until midnight. Hot night.
July 5 – Spend day seeing Montreal.
July 6 – Leave but car stalls 5 miles out made another start got to St. Anne. Dr. Belliveu and had to stay all night.
July 7 – Another break down after we start again and back to St. Annes. Then back to Montreal for repair. We stay at McGees for day while Chas in city. Start for Cornwall and have dinner then home run to Brockville and on home at 9:30. Madeline has written full details of our trip so I’ll close this.
July 8 – All fine after wonderful trip. Thanks to the Ivens. Marcella and Winnifred enjoyed their country visit. Ellen disgusted at Leo and Winnefred for eating bucket of cookies on sly. Ivens leave at 10 am.
July 9 – Fergus’ come for day and Mary Desmond and Darley Flood here.
July 10 – Madeline sick with quinsy.
July 11 – Percy brings Lottie here.
July 12 – Haying.
July 13 and 14 – haying.
July 15 – Fergus comes to see Madeline who is very sick. Lottie and Leo go home with Fergus.
July 16- Madeline some better today.
July 17 – 20 – Haying. Fergus comes out with Willie Wilson.
July 21 – Fergus got message to return. I took him back and he took patient to Hotel Dieu.
July 22 – Rented house to Mr Genge for 8 per month. Fergus came home with me but was called back again so he drove Pansy in.
July 23 – Madeline and I to Mass. Sister Mary home with us.
July 24 – Took all census work to Delta. Got compliment on my books.
July 25 – Joanna very sick. Madeline and Pauline stayed up with her all last night. Emily, Ellen and Mary go today.
July 26 – Go back with Ellen and Mary this morn. Joanna dies at 8 am. St. Anne’s Day, may she rest in peace. (Joanna O’Connor Slack – Charles sister)
July 27 – Emily and I at Slacks. Emily takes pies, cakes, etc. I come home in eve and go back with Madeline.
July 28 – Went to funeral. Big crowd hot. Lottie, Leo and Mary come back here.
July 29 – Work at hay. Get word Fergus is sick. He has been too busy.
July 30 – Mary Ellen Judge and Lottie Laffin here for dinner.
July 31 – I finished some fields. Fergus better.


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