March 22, 2016 – Thinking about Dan

Hard to believe that in 1978 this afternoon I checked into St. Clare’s Hospital. The next morning our little Dan was born. I already wrote about what a hard day that was. But so happy that all these years later I can think about it and then move on to celebrating this terrific son of mine. What a cutie with a head full of curly hair, smart as a whip and great sense of humor. He can do anything he wants in life and is pretty much doing that. So I hope he has a wonderful birthday.

Today was recover from NY City day. I am still stiff from all the walking but went to yoga and we were doing back stretching and that helped. Then at Tai Chi I got enough exercise to help the rest of my body. Hopefully after a good nights sleep tomorrow I can finish getting the girls room ready for them. They now each have a bed in there and not just one bed and one mattress on the floor. Happy that it is coming together as their room. And also will be a good extra guest room. In the spring I will finish cleaning the room out. There is a ton of Danny stuff in there that I will get rid of or take to him in Rochester. Have to figure out what to do with my Mom’s wedding dress. Any ideas of what to do with an 80 year old dress of fine lace – A Worth design dress. Also some high school athlete jackets. Really need to do some donating of some of this stuff.

Charles O’Connor’s Diary 1911.

June 1911 – (Interesting no mention of my Mom’s birthday. She turned three and i would have thought they would have done something for her birthday. oh well.)

June 1 – Fergus, Frank and family arrive in bad storm. So glad to have them.
June 2 – After Fergus’ left I start census. Madeline goes with them and to Kingston to have eyes treated by Dr. CE O’Connor.
June 3 – Census work. Miss Gay this time.
June 4 – went to see Joanna. John and Annie there.
June 5 – Too wet to take census.
June 6 and 7 – Went to Lyndhurst tea at Bobwoods. (r is this Bob Woods)
June 8 – Daisy got hurt. Sent for vet so I stayed with her all day. Madeline home. And sick worried over Daisy, her pet.
June 9 Daisy bit better. I take census around Short Point. All want to visit.
June 10 – Fencing all day. Daisy recovering.
June 11 – Daisy worse. Jim Mainhart vet here again.
June 12 – Fergus’ all here to see Daisy. Terrible storm today.
June 13 – Census work at Woodvale today.
June 14 – At Woodvale again. Daisy bit better.
June 15 – Mainhart (vet) back. Finished Lansdown census.
June 16 – Worked Ellisville today. Today. Madeline with Daisy all day and part of night.
June 17 – Same route.
June 18 – Sunday – Emily and I go to Mass. Home and I’m glad of a rest.
June 19 – Ellisville again.
June 20 – same
June 21 – Briar Hill census.
June 22 – same
June 23 – Frank and Fergus out and we had a small party. Daisy improving.
June 24 – Briar Hill finished.
June 25 – Emily and I to Mass.
June 26 – Sweets Corners census. I was lucky to get a large section this time.
June 27 – Finished census. Went to Sand Bay for Lottie and Leo who will be here for summer.
June 28 – Worked at census books then Leo and I go to Delta with them. Very hot.
June 29 – Take wool to Lyndhurst.
June 30 – Leo and Madeline take Cobey to Sta. He buys her bananas when in Kingston last week she was examined by Dr. Gardiner who put her on eggnog and banana diet plus port or ale. She hates eggnogs. She is so thin, only 96 lbs but does not complain. Was too busy with census to write this. Fergus had Gardiner exam her lungs. One does not expand as well in breathing as other. We will miss Cobey.


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