March 21, 2016 – Back home and Exhausted

Yes it is so true. I am bushed. The reason being that yesterday I walked a very long way for me. We walked from 99th and Broadway down and across Central Park and on to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I first went to that museum when I was in college at Hunter. Taking Art History was so interesting and our professor met us there on a Saturday and took us around to all the pieces of art we had been studying.

Today the Met seems to be double the size. It would take a week to see everything. Reminded me of the Louvre in Paris. Never enough time to see all the things I would like to see. Never did find the Magritte’s which I just love. But saw one of the European sections and then after Denis and I had lunch we did one of the American sections. Before lunch my left food was in terrible pain so I massaged it during lunch. Do you think that grossed people out? My socks were clean so I guess it would be there problem not mine since after lunch I could walk again.

Then we walked back again through Central Park and up Central Park West to 99th St. Boy was I exhausted. My legs hurt from my hips to be feet. Guess this old lady it totally out of shape.

Now to go back a step. Saturday evening Charlie and Beth had a lovely St. Patrick’s Day dinner with their friends from the building. The husband was very interesting. He is working on a book about the infrastructure of NY City. Things like how was the grid developed and the water system etc. He told us some great stories about how it all happened. Charlie had made his great corned beef which I could tell was very good even if I could not eat it. And the veggie were great. I especially liked the cabbage. Want to try it myself here.

So the next part of this story is that when we returned from the Met we had to pull ourselves together for another dinner party. It was Charlie and Beths annual corned beef hash brunch held at dinner time. It was so much fun. Chris, Jim, Phil and Gail came. The guys were great. what an interesting group of people! So glad we were there for this event.

I also loved just listening to the two brother chatting away. They are a hoot. I can just imagine they talking in their room late at night all the years they shared space – like 20 plus years of growing up. I brings me joy to just sit and listen to them.

The train ride home today was nice and relaxing. Was thinking that I should learn more about taking trains. Compare prices of planes and trains. Love being able to see the towns, river etc. But tonight I am just bushed. Three days to get the house set up for my girls. So tomorrow will work on that in the morning and then off to Chair Yoga and then back to working on the room. Have to find all the Legos for them to play with. Most of the toys are up in Canada so there is nothing here to play with so think I will have to stop by Trendy Tots to see if she has anything my girls would like.

Back to Charles Diary as promised.

May 1911

May 1 – Rainy day and eve.
May 2 – Tuesday – Cold and snowy.
May 3 – Gus helps.
May 4 – Frozen ground.
May 5 – John Flood here. Letter from Hon Sydney Hisher. I answered on receipt of it.
May 6 – Gus and I ploughed
May 7 – Annie here.
May 8 – Sowed oats.
May 9 and 10th – Ploughed. Call from Fergus re McDonald house so Emily and I go in this eve.
May 11 – buy house from Mrs McDonald. 1350 pay, 400 down.
May 12 – Willie LaFrance returns and seems very happy to be back. His father died.
May 13 – Sowed grain.
May 14 – Sunday – Emily, Miss Egan and I go to Mass. Gus takes Miss E (Isabel) back to Coons.
May15 and 16th – Pete Nolan for dinner.
May 17 – Went to Delta for census instruction.
May 18 – Madeline goes to Delta with me today. Fergus and family arrive and stay all night.
May 19 – Rainy
May 20 – Emily and I to Gan. Writings drawn up between McDonald, Gibson and us. We pd 400 down now.
May 21 – Very warm. Home alone all day. Cobey and Willie here of course.
May 22 – Planted potatoes. Hottest day in years. Washed sheep one died in the water.
May 23 – worked garden plot for Emily and ———. (probably Ellen)
May 24 – Victoria Day – Take Madeline, and Miss Egan to Jones Falls celebration. Big crowd.
May 25 – Ascension Day. Holy Day. Cobey, Willie, Madeline and I go back to Point and catch fish.
May 26 – Johnny Myers comes begging work. Willie Peck here for tea and eve. We insure all our live stock today.
May 27 – Shear sheep.
May 28 – M Cobey and I to Mass.
May 29 – May 31 – usual spring farm work.


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