March 19, 2016 – I want money

Yes it is true, I would like say about 5,000,000. Why you ask? After 24 Hrs in New York City I would like to have an apt down here. I mean really, I feel so enthralled with everything. We went out to eat with Denise and could have picked one of maybe ten restaurants of all different kinds within a block. Then we walked down along Riverside Drive. I feel so energized. I need to live in a walkable city. So I figure it this way, get apts in a couple of places or small houses. Rent them when we are not there so cover maintenance etc. getting an apt in NY would cost a bundle do therefore the need for a lot of money! Time to start buying lottery tickets.

The train ride down yesterday was lovely. I sat by the window, not n the riverside but was able to see the lovely old mansions along the Hudson. And then as we approached Westchester went through all those towns I spent time hanging out in during the teen and up years. Lots of fun old memories.

Great spending time with Charlie and Beth. We went out to dinner at Henry’s and I had a very good dinner, chopped kale salad and sweet potato fries and then some sorbet for dessert. Yum. This morning we visited a bunch more and then my dear old friend Denise came.

Denise and I first met at Terry Duffys wedding. Terry was my younger brothers good friend. Then one day at Hunter College in the cafeteria I was looking for a place to sit and eat and saw this familiar looking person. It as no other than Denise. We started hanging out some. We had some grand times. So off and on for years we have connected.

At one time Denise had a radio show here in the city and got to interview lots of famous people. Then she worked for Good Morning America and got to visit some very interesting countries such as Austrailia and New she does a couple of things, works for the Salvation Army and for public television doing spots that are seen all over the country during fund raising times. Great little gig for her.

Tonight is Charlie and Beth’s St. Patrick’s Day dinner. Should be delicious.

Tomorrow think we will go to the metropolitan Museum of Art. Might be a nice day to walk through the park. I get energized being here and will probably sleep better.

No Charles a Diary since I don’t have it with me. Will catch up next week.


6 thoughts on “March 19, 2016 – I want money”

  1. Hello Margie! I’ve spent the last few hours re-reading the O’Connor diaries and copying snippets to my Plunkett family tree. I came across a notation elsewhere that Sara Slack (wife of Charles, nee Plunkett) wrote an article that appeared in the Feb 19, 1937 edition of the Brock Recorder all about the “Old Days at Long Point”. It should be a fascinating read for those of us with ties there. As soon as I’m able to access it, I’ll share it with you. Great blog! Too bad about your election Yikes!


    1. Cannot wait to see that article. What fun. Glad you found more in the diary. Every time I read it I learn more. Have yet to go month by month and note down all the important stuff. Hope things are good out west.


    1. I will check the link, thanks. Grandmother was a real active person in her day. She traveled across Canada for the Catholic Woman’s League? I don’t have the actual name in front of me.


      1. The library at Brockville is very kindly going to make a copy of the page from the Recorder that I’m looking for. They don’t offer it through Interlibrary loan. I read the diary entry about Sara and Charles Slack’s daughter dying of diphtheria in 1884, so I read up a little bit on that. It had reached epidemic proportions in Leeds and Grenville at that time. Charles O mentioned they “put on fatty bags” to ward it off. Made for some interesting research.


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