March 17, 2016 – St Paddy’s Day I guess

Yes, it is March 17th and it is St. Paddy’s Day in the world. In so many places it is an excuse to drink and party all night and for some all day. I remember back when I worked for a food broker in Bronxville NY went down to the Parade in the City and then my boyfriend and I went out to eat and to do some bar hopping. At one point we were walking down 1st Ave and lo and behold I ran into one of the sales man from work. He was with some young thing who was obviously not his wife and he begged me not to tell anyone at work. “Our little secret” Made me want to get sick. Now I am sure there are those who love their Irish heritage and really get into St. Patrick. I have never gone crazy about it. Being fourth generation Canadian Irish my mom just never made a big thing of the day. And my dad did not consider himself Irish. And we never in my life had corned beef and cabbage. So much for St. Patrick’s Day.

I went to see my friend Pat today. She had double knee replacement and is doing great! She was smart and went to Physio for months before the surgery so her legs were in great shape by the time they operated. So, if you think you might be having joint replacement think about physio before the operation. So far my joints are holding up. Never been very physically fit so no strain on them.

All packed and ready to head off to the city tomorrow. Should be a good time. But before leaving I am meeting some folks at Panera’s to talk about the Mental Health Needs Assessment. Busy day ahead.

Charles O’Connor’s Diary 1911

May 1911

May 1 – Rainy day and eve.
May 2 – Tuesday – Cold and snowy.
May 3 – Gus helps.
May 4 – Frozen ground.
May 5 – John Flood here. Letter from Hon Sydney Hisher. I answered on receipt of it.
May 6 – Gus and I ploughed
May 7 – Annie here.
May 8 – Sowed oats.
May 9 and 10th – Ploughed. Call from Fergus re McDonald house so Emily and I go in this eve.
May 11 – buy house from Mrs McDonald. 1350 pay, 400 down.
May 12 – Willie LaFrance returns and seems very happy to be back. His father died.
May 13 – Sowed grain.
May 14 – Sunday – Emily, Miss Egan and I go to Mass. Gus takes Miss Egan (Isabel) back to Coons.
May15 and 16th – Pete Nolan for dinner.
May 17 – Went to Delta for census instruction.
May 18 – Madeline goes to Delta with me today. Fergus and family arrive and stay all night.
May 19 – Rainy
May 20 – Emily and I to Gan. Writings drawn up between McDonald, Gibson and us. We pd 400 down now.
May 21 – Very warm. Home alone all day. Cobey and Willie here of course.
May 22 – Planted potatoes. Hottest day in years. Washed sheep one died in the water.
May 23 – worked garden plot for Emily and ———.
May 24 – Victoria Day – Take Madeline, and Miss Egan to Jones Falls celebration. Big crowd.
May 25 – Ascension Day. Holy Day. Cobey, Willie, Madeline and I go back to Point and catch fish.
May 26 – Johnny Myers comes begging work. Willie Peck here for tea and eve. We insure all our live stock today.
May 27 – Shear sheep.
May 28 – M Cobey and I to Mass.
May 29 – May 31 – usual spring farm work.


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