March 14, 2016 – Rumination could kill you

Did not sleep well last night. I was ruminating for what seemed like hours. all of it is quite a mystery to me. Remembering is quite a chore. I almost got up and went to the computer to write it all down. Might have helped me to get some sleep. Do remember thinking about moving. What if we sold our house and Norah built on to her house so we could live there? We could watch the dogs when they go out of town and would only be there half the year and would have our own space. That would get me where I want to be and not have to worry about shutting this house down when we go north. It was a very nice in-law apt in my thoughts. Then there was something about hubby’s family that always comes into ruminating. I was thinking of visiting our niece to see if she could caste some light on this situation from her perspective. Now that would be interesting don’t you think.

Often in the night I think about what I want to write but today and yesterday a book that some one in my family has asked to came into my mind. I finally have an idea of how to do it. A family history with a chapter for each of our ancestral families. Where did we come from? The familial history of the Descendants of Daniel O’Connor and Bridget Trainor. That would come first. Then might do one for the Laughland side as well. Should not take long to do each one since most of the info I have in my head. Maybe that would inspire me into doing something more since I have been feeling so stagnant.

Tonight if I cannot sleep again I will get up and write it all out or write a page about one of the families. With the rain today hard to feel motivated to do anything. Although I did pickup the flyers for the Drug Take Back Day on April 30th. If you live in the US that day all over the country you can clean out your medicine cabinet and drop off unused or unwanted prescription drugs including over the counter ones at a drop offsite. You can look up on the US DEA for a site near your home. It is a great program. What I have learned from this program is that drugs are over prescribed in our country. And that there ought to be a way to return unused and unopened drugs if someone dies before they use them. So many people come to drop off big bags of cancer drugs that were never opened or used because the family member died.

Enough, I hope it is sunnier where you are.

Charles O’Connor’s Diary 1911

April 1911

April 1 – Phone good wishes to Fergus. (Grandfathers birthday}
April 2 – Fergus, Norah and Madeline arrive. Then Percy and Bridget. Willie sick today. Got cold out of bed/
April 3 – Fergus goes home. Leaves Norah. She and Willis have great time. Play at going to Homerite meeting. Cutter seat fun for them.
April 4 – Cheese factory opens. Willie sick.
April 6 – Darley Flood comes for visit.
April 7 – Madeline and Darley takes Willie to Gan.
April 8 – Boiled sap all day.
April 9 – Take Darley home to Delta. [Darley Flood was a cousin and a nurse – daughter of Charles sister Bridget]
April 10 – Sheep has lamb.
April 11 – 2 sheep 3 lambs. – Not has a cold today.
April 12 – Fine days. Good sap day.
April 13 – Fergus, Frank, Margaret and Maurice join Norah and us today. Cobey goes home for Easter holidays.. Fergus goes home alone. [this Frank is our Grandmother Frances Keating]
April 14 – Good Friday. Rainy growing day.
April 15 – Finished boiling sap. Windy.
April 16 – Easter Sunday. Frank and Maggie here all day.
April 17 – Frank and children at Ellens all day.
April 18 – Madeline and Frank go to Lyndhurst.
April 19 – Madeline and Frank spend day at Slacks.
April 20 – Gather buckets in bush. Fergus…..
April 21 – Fergus goes home. Margaret stays.
April 22 – gather everything from bush.
April 23 – Sunday – Go to see Joanna, Mike Slack and wife and Philip Yates here for eve. [Phillip Yates married to one of the Slack girls]
April 24 – Warmest day yet.
April 25 – sow wheat.
April 26 – Nell had colt. Maria here and goes to Gan with me. Take Margaret home.
April 28 – Friday – Gus Slack helps me with spring work. Madeline goes for Bessie. Drives Pansy.
April 29 – fine day.
April 30 – Cobey, Miss E and I to Mass. O’Grady of Toledo calls for Miss Egan and takes her back. Gus and Tom here. Last day of April. Rainy night.


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