March 13, 2016 – OH dear the sun forgot to set

imageYes, today is the first day that I can sit here after dinner and look outside and still see the neighborhood. I just took a couple of pictures on the ipad and will see if I can put them up. This morning was a bear. Could not get myself out of bed but I had to get up. I was making the coffee at church! And after dragging myself up and getting down there my partner in coffee making never showed up. Good thing I now know what needs to happen and got it all done by myself. Hubby came and after coffee hour he helped me clean up and it all worked out. I wonder if my partner forgot to set his clock forward? Doesn’t matter though since all went well.

And although it was only in the 50’s today the sun felt good so I sat out and read a little bit but was so sleepy crawled inside and laid down for an hour. Lovely springtime sunday afternoon.

But that was not all to the day. I have been cleaning out drawers one or two at a time. Today I took on the baking cabinet in the kitchen. How many cheese cake pans does someone need who is not really a big baker? One not three she decided. Do old cookie sheets that are over 40 years need to be kept, she asked? No was her answer to herself. There is a lovely large tray, has it ever really been used? Almost too big for her short arms to carry safely, so out it goes. Downsizing is such an interesting process. What does one keep and what does one look at and say, “Will I ever use this again?” I just figure toss them, well, not toss but donate to someone who might appreciate them.

And hubby went to Lowe’s and got a machine that checks to see if batteries are still working.. guess what? Most of the ones we had replaced still have a good charge in them. But others were shot, so now we have working flashlights, smoke alarms etc. Not a bad days work.

We no longer watch TV when we are eating. It is a bad habit to get into so now for quite a while now we sit and eat and chat. Great way to catch up on things and to find out what is going on in our lives.

I started planning my little trips south that will take place over the next six weeks.  Should be a great time visiting the brothers and families and my little girl time.  Will wait to see who is available to a visit while I am there.  Once the immediate family is set up then I will see about other friends to make arrangements with.

So back to Charles Diary.

March 1911

March 1-  Go to Charleston to Heffernan’s and Madeline comes home with me. She had stayed to visit Clara. Fergus here and Emily home with him.
March 2 – C Heffernan meets Donnelly and Maria who goes home with C. Cobey goes to Brockville hockey game.

March 3 – Very stormy and cold.

March 4 – Go to Tom McDonalds for hay. Cobey and Willie with me.
March 5 – Cobey, Willie and I go to Mass

March 6 – Monday – Stormy, snow. Mr and Mrs Jack Elliott ( she was a Webb) here all night. Fergus brings Emily home. Brought cold.                                                                          March 7 – Took Blue Bell to Berry’s and got up wood for Fergus.
March 8 – Took wood to Gan. Fergus gave galvanized tub for Emily.
March 9 – Bridget Flood here. Ellisville beats Athens. 3-0.
March 11 – take 2 red cedar logs and 4 rock elm logs to Lyndhurst.
March 12 – Quiet day but lots of music.

March 13 – Annie and John here. Ellen home with Bridget and Madeline goes home with McDonalds.

March 14 – Got buckets

March 15 – Jim McDonald here for dinner. Rainy                                                                           March 16 – Turns very windy cold. Cobey and I go for Madeline
March 17 – Cobey and Tom go to concert at ???Emily as usual wakes us by playing St. Patricks Day in Morning. Miss Egan .

March 18 – Miss McNally and Agnes Senecal here. All lovely girls and Willie in great mood.      (Agnes was the daughter of Edward Senecal and she was born in 1881)
March 19 – All go to Mass. Joe Bevin and Gus S here.                                                                         March 20 – Take Miss Egan to school.

March 21 – tapped 70 trees. Chas H brings Maria back.
March 22 – So stormy I stayed in and wrote letters. Ellen comes home. She likes Willie.

March 23 –  Good sleighing. Agnes goes home. Madeline lonesome as Agnes is off to Newark NY.             (Agnes’ mother was born in the US)
March 24 – logging.

March 25 – Joanna very sick so Ellen goes there.                                                                          March 26 – Madeline and I go to see Joanna. Cobey sick.                                                                      March 27 – Gathered sap.

March 28 – Fergus come. Norah with him and Madeline goes home with him. Up all night nursing pig. She has 11 babies.

March 29 – Willie helps boil sap. Enjoys it all and is gaining. Fergus pleased with his recovery

March 30 – Wind and snow. Good sleighing again. Emily last night saw Willie’s light on at 3 am. So gets up and finds him asleep on his knees with head on bed. Yesterday in woods accounts for it.

March 31 – Blustry storm. March goes not as a lion.


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