March 13, 2016 – Slow day for adventures

Ah the weekend. Should be full of adventures but lo, not so much. Last night we went to Otis and Olivers for dinner. I love their ribs and had just that and Saratoga Chips. It was so good. Had a beverage and realized today that my program of taking probiotics to improve my digestion must be working because lately every time I have a single drink I get loopy. Sure the marguerita with many shots in it but this was just a one shot drink and by the time we were walking out the door after coffee and all I was as foggy as could be. Guess I better figure something else to drink. Now that could have been a real adventure if I were driving but thank goodness I was not.

Today I slept in a bit but had to go to a meeting at 11 so got moving. Met my buds and we talked for an hour doing some planning. Life is fun. These two woman are so balanced and steady compared to me. I truly see more and more how hyper I get and have trouble controlling myself. But at the end of our meeting we had a plan to move forward so that was good. I cannot discuss details yet but will when the air clears. Really interesting project for sure.

Friday I had sent an email to a woman I met recently about volunteering at an agency she is on the board for. I think more and more that I will do it. I wanted to make sure that my being away at times would not make it impossible. But it looks like that will work out for me. I need volunteer work to do that keeps my mind busy and me moving.

I think another adventure will be if I get chosen to peer review some federal grants. A letter arrived in my inbox a week or so ago and I read the grant and thought about it and decided yesterday to go for it so I have sent in my little application. They need people with experience in HIV peer education and substance abuse prevention knowledge. Well that is me. So thinking about it did not take long. Another little bit of income to go in the take a fun trip account. So that is two grants and there is a third I told them I would help with if they needed it.

Now tonight it is about Shakespeare. Will let you know about that. Our good friend Rich has taken up acting in prep for his retirement I believe and tonight he is in Measure for Measure. Should be fun. We will pick up his wife on our way and then have fun watching him. The last play we saw him in he was a middle aged fellow who decided to do the sex change thing. Dealing with the kids and the wives reaction was fascinating. In this day and age probably something to be aware of. Not that I expect any one of my immediate family to declare the need to change gender you never know do you?

Wandering around the back yard today I noticed the tulips are up and there are blooms on them. this is totally bizarre. I mean really, usually there is snow on the ground at this time of year and the temps are not in the high 50’s or low 60’s or like the other day record breaking 80’s. If I were a bush I would be so confused.

Well, on to Charles. Enjoy the weekend folks.

Charles O’Connor’s Diary February 1911 – They were a very lucky family taking in a young boy from a family with a parent dying of TB. They could have all become infected as my grandmother Frances Keating’s family did. She lost both parents and two sisters. In the end it was just her and her brother left.
James William LaFrance died in 1922 at age 26 from TB. He was born in Gananoque in 1896. I am sure that is the fellow that came to live at the farm.

February 1911

Feb 1 – Mrs Lambert Wing dead and we went to funeral in Lyndhurst.(She was 34 years old and died from heart failure. Her name was Laura Roddick}
Feb 2 – Stormy Fri, Sat. Stormy yet.
Feb 5 – 18 below zero so no one around.
Feb 6,7, 8 – Madeline and I took colts up to Berry’s to board. 2 qts oats per day and straw. 4 lambs last night 1 black. Too early.
Feb 9 – Took wood to Edith Green. A Slack and Nelson Fodey here for eve. Madeline and I go to hockey gave. Ellisville and Lyndhurst. Ellisville won 5 to 2. Madeline pleased as Del McMillan plays for Ellisville.. She and Del are good friends. A fine lad. {Edith Green was a 30 year old widow who lived with her 33 year old sister and a niece and nephew ages 3 and 5.}
Feb 10 – Chas Slack here.
Feb 11 – Sat – Got out wood.
Feb 12 – Emily, Madeline and I go to Slacks for tea.
Feb 13 – Cold
Feb 14 = took wood to Gan. Ellen comes home with me. Brought back a patient of Fergus’ a young boy Willie LaFrance for his health. Nice quiet lad.
Feb 15 – Big snow.Roads blocked. Alfred Slack here all night. Company for Willis.
Feb 16 – Mail gets thro today. Madeline and Willis go to hockey game. Ellisville and Morton. 6 – 4 for Ellisville./
Feb 17 – Wet morn. Sudden change. Stella Sly comes from Morton to visit Madeline.
Feb 18 – I go to meet Nita and ri? Senecal. Evillie? does my work up in good style.
Feb 19 – All go to Mass in sleigh. Slacks all here in eve. Lots of music. Nita a violinist. Lovely girls and all of us happy to have them.
Feb 20 – Very cold.
Feb 21 – I take girls to Lansdowne.
Feb 22 – Cobey goes to Sand Bay to a dance. Wants Madeline to go but she won’t and we are glad.
Feb 23 – Drew up wood. Baby squirrels in one long wood. Willie excited over them. He, Madeline and I fix up nest in old log and the old squirrels soon snuggle out of sight with wee ones back in hollow. Leave it under pine thicks near where we had loaded it.
Feb 25 – Willie, Madeline and I go to Lyndhurst. Get ?????
Feb 26 – Rainy day.
Feb 27 – I take Madeline with me to Chas Heffernans sale. Pd $48 for cow. She and Clara shocked at Kennedy and PJ Murphy’s talk.
Feb 28 – Last day of month. Willie wants to stay – poor lad and father dying with TB. Poor home. Here he has warm bed and lots to eat, mild etc Emily is so good to him. He loves her cream pie.


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