March 10, 2016 –

Well, it is Thursday and today was doctor day. Got my new cap for my broken tooth. I may still have to have surgery if the pain up in the gums continues. Not happy about that. The dentist is waiting to hear from the insurance company what they will cover for a mouth guard. The hope is that that will take the pressure off the teeth and stop breaking them when I grind my teeth at night. Just the kind of thing to be doing on a rainy day.

Am trying to decide if I should apply to score more Federal Grants. Got an application the other day. It might be fun to do one on a slightly different prevention topic. Nice way to make a little money. Just something interesting to do.

I am really sick of debates. I cannot believe this election season is going to continue for eight more months. Cannot wait to get to Canada where I have no TV. Can just forget about it all. The nastiness of the Republicans and the Dems just disagreeing on things that I really think for the most part they agree on more than they disagree with. I don’t mind listening to some discussion about the candidates but they for the most part make me sick. I will vote when the time comes but will wait until they actually decide on the candidates before I list to debates again. Just saw some video of Trump encouraging people at his rally to attack demonstrators. Scary stuff going on out there.

So let’s focus on Spring. I could not get over it yesterday sitting outside in my back yard reading a book and listening to the song birds in my back yard. Just blew me away. I have never sat outside in March in 80 degree weather. I hope I got a little color. Today it rained but was still in the 60’s. So totally strange. We slept with windows open last night – MARCH? really.

Talked with my girls tonight. Got them at the end of dinner and they were doing the dinner question – great way to make memories for little kids. Every night someone comes up with the question of the night. So they wanted to know who I had lunch with – My answer was a good book. Their Dad had lunch with the fellow who had his job before he did and really enjoyed chatting with the fellow. Sol listed all the kids who sat at her table at school. Little one, I am not sure she said anything. Mom ate lunch by herself also. When we are there the questions are always fun. What is your favorite thing to eat for dessert? Or who has traveled the furthest distance from home? Great way to engage in conversation and to teach all kinds of skills and knowledge during a fun diner time with mom and dad.

As you can tell I am either tired or worn out from tooth ache. Here is the January 1911 diary from Charles O’Connor.

Charles lived at Long Point Ontario where his father and mother had settled in 1830. He stayed there until 1919 when he moved to Kingston Ontario to be near his son. The farm stayed in the family until about 2003. We purchased the school house part, a fellow from Ottawa purchased Charles farm and the barn piece is still owned by my cousins. There were many cousins who lived at the farm at various times, spent summers there, worked and helped out Daniel and then Charles. It was a gathering place as you can tell from his diary.

Kate Donnelly was the sister of Charles wife Emily. They were a very close family so losing her was hard on them all.
Charles O’Connor Diary 1911

January 1911

Jan 1 – Sunday – New Years Day. I take Ellen to J Slacks. Madeline and I alone as too cold for Fergus and Frank to bring children. Then we get word Kate Donnelly died today. We had watched all day for Nane to bring Emily home then she phoned so we have another sad eve.
Jan 2 – Emily comes home with Terrence for clothes etc and Madeline goes back with Terrence.
Jan 3 – Kate McDonald and Harold here for dinner. Teacher back. Ruben Frie? and we settled all his debts. Good honest chap.
Jan 4 – We go to Kate’s funeral today.
Jan 5 – Madeline home with us yesterday after funeral. Party at M Slacks but of course we do not go.
Jan 6 – Very big snow storm. Arthur and Annie Slack spend day with Emily, Madeline and I.
Jan 7 – Got out logs.
Jan 8 – Thaw today then rain. Sykes and wife here all afternoon and eve.
Jan 9 – Real hurricane today. Wind and snow. Hazel Young and sister Mrs Roddick here for tea and eve. Glad to see Hazel.
Jan 10 – Went to Delta to sale.
Jan 11 – I took Madeline to Charleston across Lake to visit Bertha and Moses Kavannagh. She needs to have some change and younger company. Her eyes are too bad to study anything. Anyway Dr. CD told her not to use them for any close work.
Jan 12 – 13  Worked around barn. Fergus and Ellen come. Visit with him rest of day.
Jan 14 – John and Annie here for dinner.
Jan 15 – Quiet day. J Bevin and Sykes for eve.
Jan 16 – 17 – Chris helped me draw in straw. Mike Slack here. Madeline home.
Jan 18 – Went to Agri meeting at Lyndhurst. Elected Vice Pres. Chas Slack here.
Jan 19 – I go to Sweets Corners for Miss Egan who comes with me. She teaches and stays at Coons.
Jan 20 – Miss Egan lovely girl glad for Madeline’s sake.
Jan 22 – Cobey, Miss Egan, Madeline and I go to Mass.
Jan 23 – Took Miss Egan back to school.
Jan 24 – Get out wood for Ellen and us.
Jan 25 – Got Chris Weeks to take oak lumber to Gan. Cobey, Madeline and I go to hockey match at Ellisville. Emily at Seeleys Bay. Emily home.
Jan 26 – Emily and I went to Donnellys for Maria who has stayed with boys until now.
Jan 27 – Sleet
Jan 28 – Went to Gan in route to Watertown. Fergus going with me.
Jan 29 – Went to Mass then drove across ice on way to Watertown. Raining there. Had tea at Palmers then to Chas O’Connor’s for eve.
Jan 30 – Cold, streets slippery. Left and drove as far as Depauville? and stayed all night. There with Mr Grabbin.(or Grabber)


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