March 6, 2016 – Back to Charles O’Connor

Yes, I am getting back to Charles Diary but first want to tell you about this weekend adventure.  One thing that happened after I wrote about the movie “Spotlight” was that I found out on the net that our sons priest friend who was sent away for abuse of a young child is dead.  That was weird since I had always hoped we could have a conversation. For my sake more than for his.  But that was not to be.

Then Saturday evening we went out to see the “Capital Steps”.  Here is there website if you don’t know them. you can listen to some of their songs.  We were way in the back in row W but it did not matter.  We were able to hear just fine and I have not laughed so much in a long time.  Their humor around politics is fabulous and they hold no hostages, every one out there is fair game.  It was great.  Also saw a few folks we knew, The Jacksons who moved out of the neighborhood recently and my work bud Mark Dimartino and his son. It was such a good evening.  And sitting in front of us was an actor. Did we ever figure out his name? NO! But we both knew him from TV and movies.  I am never good at remembering the names of actors.  So, if I ever see him I will let you know who he was.  He laughed and laughed as well as everyone else.

This week I met on line a third cousin on the O’Connor side who lives in California.  He is a Slack cousin. He has certainly helped my numbers of hits on this blog to go up. I know that  feeling of finding out that there are all those cousins that you never knew about. I still have not met any of my Acadian cousins, other than my Grandmothers nieces and nephews when I was a little kid.   There are still tons of O’Connor and Laughland cousins out there waiting to be found.   I saw that one of the Flood cousins who lives in England is following this blog now.  That is great.  So on to Charles Diary since I know that is of great interest to you folks.

It had to have been hard on Charles as his siblings were getting older. Although little did they know that at some point seven of them would live into their late 80’s and into their 90’s.  They had great genes. My Grandfather  and his sister lived into their 90’s as did my mother and one of her sisters.  Cancer took out most of the other of my mom’s siblings so who can think how long they might have lived otherwise.

Here is the last month of 1910 and I will then start 1911.

Charles O’Connor’s Diary

December 1910

Dec 1 – Lots of snow. Letter from Chas Iven. Etc.
Dec 2 – Banked house today.
Dec 3 – Got up wood
Dec 4 – Gus Slack here for tea.
Dec 5 – Took Ellen over to see Joanna.
Dec 6 – Jim McDonald here for dinner
Dec 7 & 8 – My Day 63 years old. Emily and Madeline give me lovely pair of warm mitts. Fergus a good alarm clock. Turkey Fair. Get 19 ½ cents for turks. 14 for chicks, 12 ½ geese, 16 ducks,
Dec 9 – Because yesterday was Holy Day we did not go to Lyndhurst Fair so Tom S and I go to Athens with ours today. Same prices.
Dec 10 – 20 below zero so stay near house.
Dec 11 – 20 below zero yet. Emily, Ellen and I go over to see Joanna. Heard last night of Walter Slacks accident in Brockville. Emily has us saying rosary for him. She has been a wonderful friend to those boys.
Dec 12 – Took Madeline to Gan as Fergus and Frank wanted her. Terribly cold and had to drive buggy and nearly froze.
Dec 13 – Letter from Chas Iven in New York. Have a busy successful life.
Dec 14 – Snow last night. Put up stove in parlor and are ready for winter.
Dec 15 – Emily’s Day. Snowed. We give her presents of shoes and overshoes. Cold night. Cobey great company with songs and piccolo. Joe Bevins comes in eve to play pedro(?). {could be anything} Many nights each week. Good game tonight.
Dec 16 – Fergus brings Madeline and Margaret out. Glad to see them.
Dec 17 – 18 Wet cold days. Fun with Margaret.
Dec 19 – Joe Bevins, Will Griffin and M Slack here for tea and eve.
Dec 20 – Take young cattle to Berry,s for winter.
Dec 21, 22 – Took Margaret home. Mild day.
Dec 23 – Go to Lyndhurst to shop.
Dec 24 – Pack up food for Gan and gifts. Left for Fergus’ at 2:40 arrives at 20 to 6. Went to confession and midnight Mass. Emily, Madeline and I called at Terrance Donnellys but no one there.
Dec 25 – Christmas Day. Good visit, good dinner. Fun with Norah and Margaret.
Dec 26 – Madeline goes by train to Kingston to Dr. C.E. O’Connor. New glasses every 6 mos. Home with eve. Everything OK. Will Larose looked after stock etc. cold drive.
Dec 27 – Madeline sick today. Kingston trip hard on her and her eyes bad today. We are tired too and it is very cold. Burning lots of wood.
Dec 28 – Took wood in to Fergus. Terrible snow storm blowed on way back. Nearly frozen.
Dec 29 – Harry O’Neill here. Irishman, stayed all night. Gave me (Blue Thorn?) cane and Madeline a Conamarra shamrock pin. Emily candy and fruit. Good company but Emily warns him no drinking here ever.
Dec 30 – Nother big storm.
Dec 31 – Get word Kate Donnelly sick. Emily and I go to see her. She is very low so Emily stays. So Madeline and I spend last night of 1910 alone. Loneliest one I ever spent. Sorry about Kate too.


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