February 22, 2016 – Return to thoughts of Ireland

“Be the labor great or small do it well or not at all”


Yesterday I had a fun time in the afternoon.  When we were in Ireland a boghran was purchased while we were taking lessons. It was great fun and we met so many nice folks at the lessons.  Well, that drum has been sitting in the living room and I really have been trying lately to get back into playing it.

My friend Rich told me about a group that meets monthly to play Irish music.  I decided to give it a try.  So off I went to the Hibernian Hall in Albany to see if I could play. It worked out pretty well. I know how to play the jigs and reels although not very well.  It worked out okay and I had fun and came away with the phone numbers and names of two drummers who might give lessons. Now I have to find some instructions about how to play the waltz, hornpipe etc and then at least I will have some things to work on.  Anne Marie McLaughlin was there, she is a wonderful story teller I met in one of the classes I took.  Her husband has a band and he is the one who gave me the numbers of the two fellows who give lessons.  So it was an adventure worth  going on.

Today I went to my writing group.  There were two new women there and the one is very talented.  She writes professionally but not fiction but what she brought to read was a great story with a fun twist in the end.  Both women were very nice.  I got to write a short piece which was fun.  Everyone gives one word and the goal is to incorporate all the words into the piece in seven minutes.   The one piece of feedback that I got was the surprise that my story came to an end. It was a lovely afternoon and I am always thankful to Carol for inviting me to come to the group.

The words we tried to use in our pieces today were: fear. caring, rushed, puzzle, adrenaline, blustery, rough-hune ( not sure how to spell that).   Here is what I did in the 7 minutes we had to write.

      “Sitting up in the rough-huned bed Sarah looked out the window at the blustery day. The wind had the trees bent over and for a moment she was tempted to crawl back under the covers.  There was a bell ringing down stairs.  Sarah rushed down the wide wooden stairs as adrenaline pumped into her system. Why would the bell be ringing? Maybe it was just the wind.”

     “Feeling confused she crept over to the big front door. It was more the size of a barn door than a regular front door.  Sarah peeked outside and felt fear. She could see no one yet the bell had been ringing. The height of the window did not allow her to see down lower on the porch.  puzzled she thought maybe she should open the door.  All of a sudden a bear head popped up and his big arn swatted the bell. Caring for the bear she decided to let him be.”

I have to figure out what I am going to blog about during the April A to Z blogging month. Last year I did relatives or related words.  I am thinking of doing people who have made a difference in my life.  I have to write out the alphabet and see what names come up to fill in all the lines.  Last year it took some planning and figuring out but I did it. I am sure I can do it again this year if I work at it.  I have been in such a funk over writing for the last year that I really need to get some focus.  Any suggestions will be welcomed.


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