February 21, 2016 – Last but not least

My little guy, which is pretty funny because he is the tallest off the four kids, had another unique start at life.  For nine months it was a dream pregnancy.  I was in little discomfort and was so busy I did not have time to fade, nap etc.  We were involved in volunteer work and the three other kids. No time for a focus on that little guy who was coming.

Because of all this c-sec stuff we had decided to see if hubby could be present in the operating room when number 4 arrived.  He had reached out to the doctors, hospital administration, and others and each one said there was no problem from them.  Turns out this was a nasty little game they were playing.  What no one told us was that the Anesthesiologists had control of the operating room.  When I checked in on Weds afternoon the doctor came to visit and told hubby and I that if he was in the operating room he would not be there.  It was like someone had hit me.  I felt we had been played for fools.  Hubby hit the wall, literally so we both were extremely upset. It did not go away.  It was snowing out or I would have gotten in the car and driven across the state to my cousin and have him deliver the baby.

I did not sleep much that night and was still very upset in the morning.  So we went to the surgery without my honey with me.  They put the needle in my back and rolled me over to start the c-sec and all hell broke lose.  It appears that when they turned me onto my back the baby rolled onto my blood supply and I went into shock and they had to quicky get the baby out.  I heard things like – “cold blue in Operating room 4” repeated over and over, then “Pediatrician needed stat in Operating room 4”.  It dawned on me that I was in operating room 4 and I freaked out. So they knocked me out.

What a nightmare!  When I came to there were two nurses over me saying “it is okay, the baby is alive”  Guess I had been saying he was dead.  I did not even know that he was a boy.  So the first thing they did was to take me to the baby nursery and bring him out to show me that he was alive.

It was a rough day and we were both still angry about the doctors game they had played with us and wondered if that stress had caused this problems.  But then after 6 days we went home.  The little guy was as cute as a button.  He was calm and lovely. But under all our love for him was a year of worry.  When he was born his Apgar rating was “0” and after five minutes “5 or 6” instead of 10. That is the rating that everything is working well.  Under it all I watched him like a hawk. I was so afraid that the lack of oxygen was going to cause some problems.

At the end of a year at his one year check up the ped. said to me we could both relax since it was clear he had no brain damage.  And from there this little guy was a wonder. He did everything early, developed a sharp mind and always thought about everything before he would do anything.

What I admire about this man is that he pursues things that he loves or desires and then tries new things and loves change.   When he was five years old he wrote about becoming a lawyer one day.  I didn’t know if he knew what a lawyer was but then it appeared over and over in writing over the years.  He also pursued singing and did a fabulous job and then after singing at graduation he announced he was done singing.  After graduating in history he worked at Starbucks and became a shift manager and was doing other things like singing in an AC/DC Cover Band.  Then one day he decided to go to Law School. He loved the research part and worked hard at it.

He worked as a court clerk and really was enjoying it. But that came to an end and he did not like the next thing he did. So today he is a bartender.  If I were one kind of mom I would be upset with that but the truth it I believe that my children will be okay no matter what they are doing. They have proven over and over that they can take care of themselves no matter what their financial situation.  They are all self sufficient so that is the least of my worries.  I am wondering what will be the next step in this man’s life.  What will he decide to do next? What else is on his list of things he has always wanted to do. He loves a challenge and learning new things. I wish I had had his courage in life.

So what does all this leave me with, four children who pursue their hearts desires. Four very independent individuals who live their lives, give to others, have good friends and take life and run with it.  What more can a mother want!


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