February 19, 2016 – Mom’s thoughts on child number 2

In all fairness I am going in birth order to talk about what I admire in my children.  Second child is the only daughter.  She was a lovely little thing with a head full of dark hair  and cute as a button.

Her first claim to fame was her love of reading. She read early and kept reading and reading and eventually became a speed reader.  She went through books faster than we could get new ones and she learned to love reading the same books over and over again.

She was a typical little girl and there were things about her that stood out. When she was about 7 she decided to sign up for Little League.  She played the entire year and at the end we asked her if she was going to sign up again and she said “nope, I just wanted to prove I could do what the boys do.”  We should have known then that we had one special young lady in our house.

When this wonderful young woman was 14 she asked if she could go abroad.  So in the summer she went to Spain on a Rotary summer exchange. It was a family to family program. She knew no Spanish but had studied French for several years.  I cannot believe we just put her on a plane and crossed our fingers that she would get to Valencia safely.  She did!  What a lovely time she had with Ana’s family and then she and Ana returned to us and Ana was with us for five weeks. The following March the daughter returned to Spain for two weeks and the next summer Ana returned to our house for a month.  This was the start of our exchange student experiences.

That trip over seas was life changing for the daughter. She changed into a more self assured, confident young woman.  She increased her circle of friends and many of them are still friends today..  She went out for various sports and excelled in them. But an area she was really talented in was languages, in English she was a wonderful writer and teachers she had have recently told me she was one of the best writers they ever had. Then she got into foreign languages.  She was fabulous and ended up graduating fluent in three languages.  After graduating she deferred college to go to Germany for a year to perfect her German before going to Queens University to major in Linguistics.

And in the long picture the talented daughter was able to take her linguistics ability and move into the computer fields. But her winning points would have to go for her personality. She has the ability to be herself – the woman who wears cat shoes – shoes with cat faces and tails wrapping around then – in business settings and people love it. She is herself, outgoing, funny and smart and this is a selling point with clients she works with.  I really admire that in her.

The other thing about her that I love is that she and I have become friends.  She has been there when I needed help.  She stays in touch and we have fun when we are together.  She is a long term relationship and I admire her commitment to the man she loves.

My mom thought as a teenager I was a pain as a daughter but I have to say other than some memorable disagreements we had that for the most part my daughter was not the kind of teenager who drove a mom nuts.  We were there to support her like her brothers and still are.  And she was not a hard person to love and enjoy calling my kid.  I have always been thankful for that and how bright and smart and personable her turned out to be.






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