February 17, 2016 – Thoughts of a mom about her children

For the last week I have been repeatedly thinking about my kids.  Each of them is so special to me in a variety of ways. I have thought about writing about each of them so will give it a go and see how it feels.

My oldest is a sweet guy.  He is very independent and early on showed that he wanted to be his own boss.  When he was little he loved to grow things. When we lived in Scarsdale he planted his first garden when he was 3.  He watered and learned to weed and grew some flowers and maybe some veggies.  He loved it and was so proud. I have a movie of him with his garden somewhere.

At 4 we were living in Saratoga and he and Dad got permission from the old ladies next door to dig up the back of the parking lot and plant a real garden.  They had a wonderful time.  Green Beans, peppers, potatoes, and peanuts.  Yes peanuts.  It was fun for him and no one bothered the garden.  Some idiot stole the clothes off the clothes line but never touched the garden.

As he grew older and we lived in different houses we made sure he could always have his garden.  I remember watching him going out and sitting in the middle of his garden and eating the vegetables.  He loved them so much and was always proud of his harvest.  Over the years the gardens grew bigger and we both loved to grow things.  It was lots of fun.

When the time came to think about colleges we visited a variety of schools and one of those places was the nearby agricultural college.  Son was thinking about farming or something like that.  He had good part-time jobs but really wanted to start a lawn care business.  He started mowing lawns but not in a big way.  He thought he had to go to a four year school like the other kids in High School but after a year away it was obvious he needed to rethink his choices. He went to the Ag school for Landscape design, did some internships to learn the business and then started his own business after graduating. He slowly built his business but always kept it small since he wanted to be hands on. Now he has a group of regular employees, a great reputation and life is good.

We have always had the nicest yard in the neighborhood and the prettiest landscaping. He has built himself a good reputation and has loyal customers. I have always been so proud of his accomplishments and the good things people tell me about his work.  Nothing I like better than my children each reaching their dreams.  This son really has risen to the heights and followed his desires and conquered.


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