February 15, 2016 – another love story

I was going to write this on the weekend but did not get to it.

Once upon a time a young woman about 25 years old decided to go to a meeting at her church. There was some kind of young adult group who put on plays and it sounded like fun.  So there she was with a bunch of folks who lived in another part of the area but who had moved from their church to hers.  They had been attending the church down the road where they had gone throughout their childhoods and many of them had gone to the parish school but then it was during the Viet Nam War.  They also sang at a folk mass and when they sang “Where have all the flowers gone” a big donor complained and the folk group was told not to sing it again, they did and were tossed out.

So up the road they went and fate brought this young woman together with the group.  They were lots of fun and started producing plays at the Church.  The first play the young woman volunteered to help sell tickets and collect them at the door.  It was fun and she was getting to know the group.  They went out after their rehearsals and had fun parties.  It was good for her to be meeting new people for a variety of reasons.

By the next fall she had started to try out for parts in the plays. She played Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz”. It was a fun time for her.  Then she took a bigger step and tried out for a part in “You Can’t Take it With You”.  She was able to play the part of Penny the mother. It was a fun play and the young woman had a wonderful time.

Now for the romance.  At the meetings the woman remembered meeting this very nice young man. She thought he was very nice.  He did not remember meeting her there but did remember seeing her at the bar after rehearsals.  He was taking acting lessons and was trying out for plays with other drama groups. His dream was to be a professional actor.  She was getting a masters in elementary education.  She loved teaching the 5 year olds.

They started talking and as they got to know each other they started to get more serious.  He knew she had some issues that she did not talk about but thought they could work all that out.  So finally one evening he decided to take the plunge and to ask her if she would marry him.  She was not sure he would really want to take that big step and was happily surprised and said yes. But they both had things they needed to share with each other and once those things were out in the open they were able to move forward.

He turned out to be a wonderful partner and Dad as they grew their family and added lots of extra kids into their lives.  Every day through thick and thin the woman thanked God for bringing this man into her life.  They worked so well together and each brought balance to the other. Encouraging each other to pursue their own personal dreams brought all kinds of personal fulfillment to each of them which strengthened their relationship. They spent years raising children, then traveling and growing old together.  Never being able to imagine life without the other.

What more can one desire in life than a life partner who loves you in spite of your faults and no matter how crazy things get you always know that you have someone who will be by your side.  Not that life was always perfect but the negatives never outweighed the positives. Ain’t love grand…


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