February 11, 2016 -Polar Vortex

Rumor has it that the temperatures will be well below zero this weekend. Well it is winter after all.  Lots of warnings for people to be careful and take care of pets.  We are planning to go to two hockey games, the last two home games for the Union Woman’s Hockey team.  Wishing that they would win a game so they would have one win for the season. It has been very hard on them. Feel bad for them, they work so hard.  Bought another pair of fleece lined tights to wear under my jeans.  Keeps my legs warm.

“Keep in step with yourself and you need not worry about the rest of the parade”

Oscar Wilde

After having a chat with a couple of different people today this is a wonderful quote.  Life is so crazy at times and we allow others behaviors to influence us.   The key appears to be take care of yourself and don’t allow those people to drag you down.  Pick your path and stick to it.

I am not great at that myself.  I hang on to things that it would be so much better to let go of.  But I really think I am better at this than I would have been twenty years ago.  It helped when I sat down and decided I would only allow myself to have a list with three people on it who were people I really did not like.  Keeps those angry thoughts at bay and who can become a bitter, angry at the whole world kind of person if you only can dislike three people ever.   My list has not changed much over the years.  On top is the woman who stabbed me in the back at a job she recruited me for.  What she does not know and I won’t be the one to tell her is that the other staff told me each step of the way the last week I worked there what she was up to and planning in partnership with the little buddy and the boss that the little buddy was having an affair with.  She does not deserve any forgiveness since she has never asked for any.

The other person on the list is the neighborhood pedophile.  He did a lot of damage to the young kids in this area and who knows who else.  He was a volunteer at a battered woman’s shelter, at the Boys and Girls Club, and several other places.  Different people let those agencies know that he had been arrested way back on charges and they got rid of him as a volunteer.   It was a difficult time in our area when the parents had to come together and decide to call the police and find out if our suspicions were on target.  The scariest things was that after his 6 months of treatment and not getting into trouble again he called and asked if he could hang out with our kids again.  My friend told him if he came near to any of the children in our area we would not bother calling the police but would take care of it ourselves.  Not sure what that would have been but it appears he went looking for kids elsewhere.   He will never leave my list until he dies.

I prefer to forgive and forget.  Life is too short. And relationships too important to throw them away over almost anything.  Family members of people who have been killed who meet with the killer and forgive are better off than those who hold on to the anger.  It also helps the killer to own up to what they did and when they ask for forgiveness or are just given it it can be life changing for everyone.  So I figure I want to lead my own parade and go out of this life happy and content.

I was showing someone today items from my family history collection.  We both have a love for things old of family importance.   It is very important to me that things that were from my ancestors get handed down or placed in archives there others can see them.  Nothing worse than items being stored in attics and then eventually thrown away by younger people who have no idea of the significance.  I got a kick out of my friend who when I told her the story of my Grandfather being a socialist leader in the 1920’s and how he led dock workers strikes in Liverpool England – she turned to me and said “now I know where you get it from.”  The truth is my children have it too.  Passion, enthusiasm, and caring, it is for sure a Laughland trait.

Well let’s look at the other side of the family to the farmers who were good neighbors, cared for their community and were active in politics, and wanted so much more for their children.

Charles O’Connor’s diary 1910

November 1910

Nov 1 – Holy Day. Madeline and I go to Lansdowne to Mass.
Nov 2 – All Souls Day. Rosaries etc.
Nov 3 – Fergus came at noon and Emily and Margaret go home with him. Miss them tonight. Young Bracken’s funeral.
Nov 4 – Went to F Cross sale. Very cold.
Nov 5 – Cobey went home last night.
Nov 6 – Snow storm. Madeline and I alone.
Nov 7 – Monday – Ploughed. Percy Flood and mother here.(Bridget O’Connor Flood)
Nov 8 – Fergus brings his mother home with Norah who stays.
Nov 9 – Ellen crazy about Norah and wants her up there every day.
Nov 10 – Put up winter stove and doors.
Nov 11 – 12 – Ploughing but cold work.
Nov 13 – Frank and Maggie for tea and eve. (Slack)
Nov 14 – Ground covered with snow all week. Big pig 364 lbs.
Nov 18 – Ground frozen hard.
Nov 19 – Busy getting ready for winter.
Nov 20 – Our anniversary. Happy years. 34 of them. Norah here and we have good time as she is so good like Margaret but shyer. Took her longer to make up with Cobey. Fergus comes to take her home.
Nov 21 – Get word Bridget McDonald Elliott died in Watertown. Emily and I go down to M Lappan’s funeral and on to McDonalds.
Nov 22 – Cut up pork and stored it cold.
Nov 24 – Madeline visits at Arthur Slacks. She is no visitor but we insisted as they wanted her and would not like it if she did not go.
Nov 25 – Emily, Madeline and I to Lyndhurst. Cobey away for weekend. We miss the wee girls.
Nov 26 – Made sausage today. Cold and icy.
Nov 27 – Cold Stormy day. Quiet, Ellen here.
Nov 28 – Jim Burns ploughing bee but too cold.
Nov 29 – Snowing
Nov 30 – Snowy. Buy halter from G McKay. Fix up barn doors.


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