February 9, 2016 – Snow, Finally

Woke up to snow. Not a lot but enough to make everything white.  It made giving myself permission to have a day of rest a lot easier.  Did not push myself since I am still feeling quite tired.  Broke one of my regular rules and watched some TV in the afternoon while I was knitting.  Not sure if my stomach is really ready for regular food but guess it will just have to get use to it.

Think tonight will be a 10 pm night.  Head already feeling like it needs to sleep.  So I think we will go right to Charles Diary. I tried to look up the fire in Seeley’s Bay but could find nothing on line about it.  Maria was an interesting character.  She married some fellow and they left on their honeymoon and when the train got to Brockville or somewhere along that route she decided she really did not want to be married go got off the train and went back home. I assume they had the marriage annulled.  Mom always said Maria was a strange bird… here is a picture of her.


October 1910

Oct 1 – Lots of mail. KD, F and M. Lottie, Susie etc. Big fire at Seeleys Bay.
Oct 2 – Emily and I to Mass at Lansdowne
Oct 3 – – Oct 5 – Fergus brings Madeline home also 2 wee girls and leaves Margaret with us. She makes up with Cobey and he has great fun with her. Ellen goes home with Norah and Fergus.
Oct 6 – Took Cobey to Gan to teachers convention.
Oct 7 – Arthur and Annie here for tea.
Oct 10 – Cobey back but sick with cold.
Oct 11 – 12 – Very cold. Get word of birth of Fergus and Franks son.
Oct 13- 14 – Get load of wood for Gan.
Oct 15 – Too rainy to go to Gan.
Oct 16 – Madeline and I go to Mass at Lansdowne.
Oct 17 – Emily and I to Gan. Fine baby boy and all well.
Oct 18 – 19 – Ground too hard to plow. Went to meet Maria so glad to see her again as she arrives from Grand Island Nebraska.  (Emily’s sister Maria who must have gone to Nebraska with the Stevens)
Oct 20 – Went to W Tye’s sale cows sold very high $50.00. Fergus brings Ellen home. Chris McDonald, & Percy Flood here for dinner. Mrs McKenney arrives for tea and eve.
Oct 21 – Ploughed but very cold.
Oct 22 – 23 – Quiet. Visit with Maria.
Oct 24 – 26 – Ploughing & fall work.
Oct 28 – First snow storm, too early. Fergus comes for colt, very stormy. Margaret very happy & contented. Learns to walk between Cobey & Madeline. He was good with her.
Oct 29 – Sat – Take Maria to Donnellys.
Oct 30 – Madeline and I to Mass at Lansdowne. Cold.
Oct 31 – Ploughed and took wood to F. Brear?


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