January 28, 2016 – More thoughts on Plato

I am writing on my I-Pad since needs to be ready for travel tomorrow,  At this moment am not planning to bring my computer with me. Just this silly thing. So no Charles Diary for ten days.  But I just might tell you about my DC adventures.  I am quite excited to see my little kids and big kids. And of course seeing many of my prevention buddies. Can you believe they expect us to dress in business casual at this conference?  They need to get a life.  Prevention done by grassroots groups is done in casual clothing.  Guess I need to repackage my suitcase. Wonder if I own any slacks that fit?

Back on the lap top for this last event before the 10 day break.  You will hear from me but I won’t have a copy of Charles Diary with me.  Cannot find at attachment for the ipad that allows me to use memory sticks.

Back to Plato and my dream.   I dreamt that I was writing my life story on here. It was weird.  I realized that it had to do with the Plato quote.   The idea of trying to change the past in order to make the present be like we have wished it would be.  I was remembering being chased around the school yard by a group of kids and being  touched and then they would scream, “she has leprosy” and run away.  I was terrorized by their taunting. I remember being in the school nurses office and then going home.  It was scary and I have this vivid memory of the whole thing.  What were the long term effects of this? Does it matter at all?  Does one just put it all aside and get on with life the best way we can.  I think that was what I got from the Plato quote but then again how do we make it safe to talk about things we are not comfortable talking about?  Will have to think about that.


Charles O’Connor’s Diary 1910 – They go on a visit to Charles sister Mary’s family in Canton NY.  And then have a large group of September visitors.

September 1910

September 1 – Fergus come for us and we stay overnight in Gan.
Sept 2 – leave Gan by boat to Ogdensburg then by train to Canton at 7. They give us a great welcome..
Sept 3 – I’m not too well but have good visit make windmills for Rob, Chas and Darwin.
Sept 4 – John and Helen take Emily to Mass at Canton. Ames have dinner.
Sept 5 – Rainy day. Fine eve. Lottie takes Emily for drive to see country.
Sept 6 – Rainy – all go to Potsdam fair. Had tea with Mr and Mrs Luther Murphy (Mary Bryan)
Sept 7 – John and I go to Canton. All have dinner at Libbie and Arthur Ames.
Sept 8 – Drive around country.
Sept 9 – Cold rainy day. John takes us to Madrid station then train to Ogdensburg, boat to Brockville, train band W to Lyndhurst. Had cup of tea at Jim Venney’s Etta very nice and friendly. Madeline met us. We were glad to go and glad to be home.
Sept 10 – Very sick. Everything fine here. Pauline comes for day with Madeline. They go to Lyndhurst.
Sept 11 – went to pasture. All fine.
Sept 12 – not very well. Madeline and I go by Woodvale to see Cooks team for A Ames.
Sept 13 – feel better. Mike Slack here for tea. Jim Stevens all night.
Sept 14 – Mr Jim Cobey comes to teach school and stay with us. $3.00 per week. He is friendly, jolly, a great singer and piccolo player.
Sept 15 – sowed wheat.
Sept 17 – Mr Cobey and I got to Lyndhurst. Warm.
Sept 18 – All of us at Frank Slacks for tea and eve. They know Cobey.
Sept 19 – Percy and Darley here. Warm.
Sept 20 – Lyndhurst Fair. Fergus and Agnes LaQue come in eve.
Sept 21 – Back to fair. Got prizes on sheep and colts. Fergus goes home this eve. John Desmond and Arthur Ames arrive.
Sept 22 – Arthur looks to buy a big team so goes to Gan. John and Madeline visit all the Slacks.
Sept 23 – John and I visit colts in pasture then John, Madeline and I to Lansdowne fair where I leave them and they go to Gan with Arthur Ames and Fergus.
Sept 24 – Very cold. Fergus phones Arthur and John would be out to show us big horses Arthur bought. Chas and Mame O’Connor arrive also. Chas, John Arthur and I go fishing. Get 4 pike large ones.
Sept 25 – More company. C Slack, Arthur M, Jack McKenney, Mike Slack, Annie McDonald,. Madeline goes to Gan with John and Arthur.
Sept 26 – 27 – Sent 100 on principle plus Int to Rogers, Kirkpatrick & ….
Sept 28 – Dug potatoes worst crop in years.
Sept 30 – Big rain,


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