January 26, 2016 -“The first and best victory is to conquer self”

The quote above is from Plato but not the entire quote.  I did a search and found the complete quote: “The first and best victory is to conquer self. To be conquered by self is, of all things, the most shameful and vile.”

Now when I read the first half I thought of how we work on ourselves to find our best possible self. Conquering some faults sounded good to me. I really don’t get the second part of the quote unless it is saying that that we should accept ourselves as we are.  I have always found that difficult.  My life is filled with feelings of guilt over various things that happened in my life.  Stupid childhood things haunt me.  I was spoiled and not use to be made to be accountable which was not a good thing. So taking responsibility was not something that happened often.  Don’t you think conquering that flaw would be a good thing?  Wonder what you think of this quote? Would love some feedback.

There are other fascinating quotes from Plato that I will share.

Figured out this morning that I will have to bring my boots with me on Friday.  The snow is not melting in DC so will need them I believe and in case it snows again the following week.  Have not put them on once this winter so far.  Strange for sure.  The weather guys are talking about a slight possibility of more snow down there over the weekend. I hope not. At least it is not a “big” warning.  Just a suggestion that it “might” storm.

Sure is gray today.  I can feel that low pressure sitting on my shoulders.  just want to sleep. My darling daughter is probably feeling the same way today.  We are so alike in some ways.  I will be thinking about calling her and the phone will ring.  The same thing happened with hubby.  Even when we had no caller ID it would be no surprise that he was on the phone, even when I did not know or expect a call from him.  We always try to figure out which one of us senses the other person.  It has happened a couple of other times in my past – once I woke up with the urgent need to call my cousin.  It was driving me crazy so at a reasonable time I called her – she could not talk because it was a very bad moment – her little son was dying.  I just told her I loved her and would be praying and hung up.  She did not tell me that he was not going to last the day but I knew it.  It was not as if we talked all the time or saw each other.  I can relive that morning over and over in my mind and it never changes.  Those feelings were so strong.

I wonder if any of my ancestors had these traits.

Yesterday I went to my writing group. It was wonderful. I have not been there in months and really missed it.  I came home encouraged to get back to the book so plan to start writing on it a little every day so next month I can share what I have accomplished.

Will go on with Charles Diary.

August 1910

Aug 1 – Went to Seeley’s Bay to meet Carmel & Sylvia Crowley of Kingston. Madeline’s friends. Everyone goes to Medicine show this eve.
Aug 2-4 – Bad storm in night. Madeline takes C Girls to Lyndhurst. Hazel Young comes home with them and all to show.
Aug 5 – Leo and I go fishing then Joe Bevins takes all the girls motor boating. They seem to be having a great time.
Aug 6 – Leo takes Volick and Fanning to Morton. Madeline, Sylvia and Carmel invited to Roddicks for tea. Home for show.
Aug 7 – Ellen and I go to Mass. Tom, Ben Slack, Nane Donnelly and Edna?? McEvoy here.
Aug 8 – All invited to Richie Singleton’s for eve. Carmel great pianist.
Aug 9 – Madeline takes Crowley girls to Delta to picnic. Leo goes and Hazel Youth. Great fun.
Aug 10 – Had a small party for Carmel and Sylvia. Nane, Ed McEvoy, Percy, Darley, Tom and Ben Slack, Joe Bevins, Sykes, Rickie, Mary, Helena S. Miss Bennett, Lola Bullard. Danced until 1 am.
Aug 11 – Take Carmel and Sylvia to train at Lansdowne. Spend rest of day collecting prizes for Lyndhurst Fair. Good luck.
Aug 12 – C Weeks and I put up wire fence.
Aug 13 – Emily and I go to Gan and stay all night.
Aug 14 – At Mass. In night Fergus called to Uncle John and Susie Kenny has her baby, a girl Mary. Grace O’C Hughes (daughter of Julie O’connor and second husband John Hughes) and husband come to Fergus’ and have a great visit. Home late. Emily stays.
Aug 15 – 17 – Usual farm work. Go to Delta.
Aug 18 – Madeline and I go Lyndhurst. Letter from Emily. Getting more lonesome without her.
Aug – 18 – John Plunkett died this morn. Spent most of day there.
Aug 19 – Madeline and I go to funeral.
Aug 20 – 21 – Ellen and I go to Mass.
Aug 22 – Fergus brings Emily home and we are so glad to see her home.
Aug 23 – Threshers here today.
Aug 24 – Finished wheat 25, peas 25, rye 50, oats 200, barley 16.
Aug 25 – Terrible thunder storm. Ted Brown here and talks away the day.
Aug 26 – Another bad storm. Sick today.
Aug 27 – Quinsy today
Aug 28 – Quinsy for sure. Very sick. Mrs Sykes here all day.
Aug 29 – Some better. Mrs Sykes has party.
Aug 30 – Not very good but take wool to Lyndhurst. (Emily and I) 70 lbs 20cents lb. Madeline’s birthday. She and Ellen go to Flat rock and Emily makes blueberry pie.
Aug 31 – Very heavy rain. Plan trip.

well, have been wondering which room they danced it?  Maybe the kitchen?  None of the rooms were that big or maybe the bedroom off the dining room did not exist in those days.

Grandchildren of Grace Hughes Nugent came to our last family reunion in Lansdowne several years ago.

Found this definition of quinsy:  also wonder that they treated this with or was this really quinsy.

What Are The Symptoms?

Peritonsillar abscesses start as a sore throat and inflammation of the tonsils. It develops into pus filled abscesses on the tonsil area making swallowing very difficult and extremely painful, sometimes nearly impossible.

Along with this, there is often a high temperature and a general feeling of being unwell. You or those around you may have noticed a foul smelling breath odour and a visible swelling to the neck area. It is also likely that you will suffer from referred pain in the ears and neck area in general and a distinct change in your vocal ability and normal sound.

With quinsy, comes a lot of swelling of the area and surrounding tissues. This is what makes it so difficult to swallow and causes the pain.


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