January 24, 2016 – Lost but not forgotten


Julia O’Connor Iven Hughes, John Hughes, Grace Hughes who married a Nugent.

This has been quite the week and it seems like I disappeared but was actually quite busy. Today on the other hand I was just tired and not feeling like doing much.  The old thyroid is still not balanced at all.  Last night was the Mayor’s Cup at the Albany Times Union Center.  Union College vs Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. The rivalry that goes back for generations.  RPI won the hockey game which was very sad for us but it was a good game. There were 8,500 plus people there which was big considering most of our home games have around 2,500 if that.  It was neat seeing the fellows play in a large venue.

I did not go out yesterday at all as I remember. We did go out to Otis and Olivers for dinner before the game. I made a mistake and had a cup of coffee which kicked in later and interrupted my ability to get to sleep last night.  For that reason I did not get out of bed this morning at all. The old “felt like I had been hit by a steam roller.

Thursday evening our Social Justice Ministry at Church had a presentation about human trafficking.  There were clips from the movie “Not My Life” which told the story of young people from all over the world including here who are being exploited and held against their will.  From the carpet factories of the middle east, to the fishing boys of Ghana, to a truck stop in middle America to the well to do neighborhoods of Washington DC.  It was sad to hear about but also learned of groups that are working to free these folks. Good discussion and met some helpful people.  Nice to know there are things you can do although I question some of them.

Now the same thoughts are going through my mind every day. What to do with my life now?  I am struggling to try and decide what kind of work I want to do.  Going to a couple of meetings a month is not satisfying to me. I need to find a volunteer gig that would give me something to do a couple of mornings a week. On the days I don’t go to exercise I would love to be out of the house.  I am too social to be sitting at home all week which is what is happening. I clean or pick up or do a wash and then I watch a show on netflixs or read facebook or play games on the computer. What a total waste of time!  My grandmother was like that and it was not good for her or her health.  Any thoughts?

Tomorrow I go and give away my blood for some tests and then in the afternoon there is my writing group. I have not been writing anything other than this so I guess I will just listen to what the others have done.  At this moment I am sitting here listening to Lunesa, an Irish music group, playing with the RTE Concert Orchestra.  I love this CD. I should be playing my Bodhran.

Well let’s give you some 1910 history to read. Note, I was reading about Dan Slack and it appears he left his families home – father Mike Slack son of Joanna O’Connor and Benjamin Slack- and went down to the Rochester area to live where he married and had three daughters.  Tom is his brother who also appears to have spent a great deal of time with their cousins at Long Point.

The Iven’s and Hughes family were the Patrick Ivey’s son Charles who owned an early automobile and also was quite the bicycle racer from Rochester.  His mother married John Hughes when they thought Mr. Iven’s had died which he hadn’t.  Charles married Marcella and they had a daughter Winifred. They ended up living in Connecticut.

July 1910 – Charles O’Connor’s Diary

July 1 – Dominion Day. Tom Slack takes Madeline and Miss Young to Gan. Mrs Jack McKenney –(Miss Alysure) here for day. Gave Sykes 6.00 for mineral water used at picnic.
July 2 – Started mowing.
July 3 – Annie here also Dan and Tom Slack.
July 4 , July 5 – Fergus came today. Good visit. Joe Bevins takes Madeline, Hazel Y, Sadie McArdle, and wee Norah for ride in his motor boat. Fergus goes home but F. stays.
July 6 – Sadie McArdle stays HY home.
July 7 – Ellen has us there for dinner.
July 8, July 9 – Took Sadie to Donnelly’s.
July 9, July 10 – Fergus come and brings cousin Julie Hughes with him. Then came Chas Iven, with Marcella and Winifred and Leo Palmer. Comes in a automobile. First on these roads. Quite a novelty.
July 11, 12, 13 – Leo here for summer
July 14, 15 – Fergus come out. Haying.
July 16 – Wet. Emily, Fergus and I go to Lyndhurst.
July 17 – Fergus and co go home today.
July 18 – Miss Young comes and she and Madeline go down to Sand Bay for day.
July 19 – Terrence Donnelly and his mother here. Good visit. Kate better.
July 21 – Emily and I go to Lyndhurst. Put in 50 for us in Bank and 100 for Madeline.
July 23, 24 – Haying and pulverizing potatoes.
July 24 – sunday –Madeline, Leo and I go to Mass. Very hot.. Paid $20 pew rent. Squally rain this eve.
July 25 – Hoed potatoes. Took Leo and Madeline to Lyndhurst in eve.
July 27 – Billy Burns, Leo and Madeline, the three pals greatly excited as Medicine Show Co arrived to show in schoolhouse for week. Two men who will stay with us $3.50 per week.
July 28 – J Steary came to bind rye but machine broke. Agent came. Both here for tea.
July 29 – Emily and I go to Nellie Tye’s funeral. Bad storm no show. Kids annoyed.
July 30 – Jack McKenney, Chas and Ben Slack here.
July 31 – Sunday – Sent to Lyndhurst and Mr Harry Volick went too.


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