January 20, 2016 – The joy is in the journey

What a week? started out hardly being able to more around but made myself keep going, then all of a sudden yesterday I woke up feeling human again.  My head cleared and I started to feel like I had some energy.  Today I woke up full of energy and was able to do some cleaning that was desperately needed and got some laundry done.  I read this blog called Hypothyroid Mom, i am a hypothyroid grandma.  Hopefully this  will get a bit better every day and by next week I will have the energy to get through a whole day.

Having a bunch of autoimmune diseases my life has been quite a journey.  But until I die I will be fighting with them.  I cannot let them beat me.

Now for the fun stuff. Monday evening I was the hostess for our Red Bonnet Belles Red Hat group event.  I planned an outing to the Pottery Place for painting pottery.  Everyone seemed to have a good time and some of the woman are very talented painters.  Me, well I made another dinner plate – child size for my Sunshine Solveig.  I hope it turns out.   Before the event four of us went to dinner at the Plaza which was nice.

Last night I went to Tai Chi and was able to get into it and remember what I was suppose to do.  So nice to know that my mind is not gone or going. Well, let’s be honest I am aware that I am on the downhill slide but would like to feel my optimal best.  If my blood test on Monday shows that I need more thyroid then I anticipate feeling so much better eventually.

Life is such an interesting journey.

June 1910

June 1 – Hear Melvin Sweet died today.
June 2 – Worked at potato planting.
June 3 – Miss Young goes to Sand Bay for weekend with Madeline. Great friends they are and Annie invited her.
June 4 – Beautiful spring day. Nice for the girls. I plant sample corn Madeline gets me.
June 5 – Miss Young home at 10 pm. Good visit. Good for Annie to have some young people.
June 6 – Go to see Kate Donnelly.
June 7,8,9 – Go to Lyndhurst and Emily gets hall and parlor paper. Nanie here in eve.
June 10 – First strawberries rise. Go for Madeline and Miss Young stays all night. Great fun.
June 11 – Take off storm windows and doors. And put screen on. Colt has distemper.
June 12,13,14 – Spend spare time nursing colt.
June 15 – Emily and I paper. Looks good.
June 16 – Sheared sheep today.
June 17, 18 – Get Norman Kelsey to paper hall sides by stairs.
June 19 – Mary Ellen Judge here for days.
June 20,21 – Took six bags of potatoes to Fergus in Gan.
June 22 –Willie Wilson here for tea. J Sykes cut cheese – 73 lbs net.
June 23 – Start work for picnic.
June 24 – M Slack and Joe Bevins go to Lyndhurst for usual supplies. Madeline home.
June 25 – Picnic all day and most of night. One of best yet. No worry. Miss McNally here for weekend.
June 26 – Emily and I go to Mass. Mame Leeder home with us, later Frank, Maggie and Joanna Laffin here for eve.
June 27 – Go to Lyndhurst and pay picnic bills.
June 28 – End of school year and Miss Young finishes here. We will miss her. I go for Madeline and glad to have her home but she is not well, coughs all the time. Has gone in weight from 112 to 94.
June 30 – W fire colt sick. We operate on shoulder. Miss Young comes back tonight as I come from Director meeting.


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