January 15, 2015 – “Face Your Difficulties With a Willing Heart”

Bridget O'Connor Flood

Charles O’Connor’s sister Bridget who he visits in Delta

Japenese proverb
Fear is only as deep as the mind allows

This has been a weird week really it has.  My emotions are on the roller coaster.  We have been wondering what the sweet husbands situation would be next year and in the end we found out that if all goes as planned he will have his job for three more years.  That was good news for him and a fear reliever for me.  I know how happy he is teaching and what would he do if he were at home every day. In my mind I know he would find things to do just like I do but was just very worried about it.  So that is resolved and we are both happy with the outcome.

Then it was my health.  All these healthy medications I am taking along with antibiotics and I feel like crap.  I know it is  because the thyroid is not where it needs to be yet but the exhaustion is a killer.  The car went in for a tune up yesterday and I woke up when my book fell on the floor. I was out like a light in the waiting room in the middle of the afternoon.  Right now I would love to go to sleep for an hour just to revive myself.  Spoke with the doctors nurse and she said give it another week and then come in for a blood test and they will figure out what needs to go up and how much.  It is scary not knowing if this experiment will work but I figure what the heck. You only live once and getting myself in shape might help me live a little longer.  But fear underlies it all and contributes to this not feeling well.

For two evenings we went and took the six hour defensive drinking course.  It was actually very interesting and they showed some good films of crashes, texting while driving, mock dWI crashes etc.  And now we will get a discount on our auto insurance which is a nice perk.  Was interested in how many students took the class. That was very good.

Tuesday evening we went to a hockey game and ended up spending the third period chatting with the coaches husband who brings the three little girls with him to the home games.  It was fun. The baby is adorable with a ready smile.  The two little girls are so cute and was thinking they would be fun for my two little girls to play with when they come to visit.  But they live up in Clifton Park. Oh well.  We have been found to be loyal fans of the woman’s team and keep getting thanked for coming to the games.  They have not won a game since Dec 2014. That is way too long.  I hope they win a game this weekend.

I am on a facebook closed page for folks who grew up in Amherst NY.  One of the fellows often puts up a picture of a house and asks people to guess what street it was on etc.  Well, he put up this house and I kept going back to look at it and then found a picture of our old house and decided it must have been built by the same builder.  Totally fascinating to see.  Well it was not another house, it was our old house and boy had they upgraded it.  My old bedroom is now a master bath.  I think maybe they put an addition on the sunroom but am waiting to hear back from my brothers about what they think.  There is also a fabulous pool in the back yard.  Quite a replacement for the 10′ square wading pool we had. not sure if this link will work but try it and see.


So let’s go and check out Charles life.

Charles O’Connors Diary 1910

May 1910

May 1 – Sunday – Quiet day. Ellen with us for tea.
May 2, 3 – John McArdle here all day and night. Had a great visit with him alone. Net have her colt last night. Lovely one.
May 4 – Jack Ellrott here for visit also Tom S.
May 5 – Allan Donnelly and family here all day.
May 6 – Fergus and family came out by Sand Bay and brought Madeline home.
May 7 – Fergus and Frank and girls here all day. Great visit.
May 8 – After fine visit Fergus’ leave for home.
May 9 – Farm work. Benjamin from Queens here for dinner, surveying. Praise Emily’s food highly.
May 13 – Friday – Nell had colt last night. Fun to see two wee colts together.
May 14 – Madeline home. Tom S. here. Nane Donnelly here for eve and W. Metcalfe.
May 16,17,18 – Seeding and getting ground ready for planting. Haley’s comet tail but while we watched all last night it was not worth it.
May 19 – Fergus here went home by Sand Bay as Madeline has to go to Kingston to see Dr. C E. O’Connor..
May 22 – Emily and I to Donnelly’s to see Kate who is sick.
May 23 – Went to Kingston to see Isiac Larose who had operation. Madeline home with me.
May 24 – Victoria Day. Madeline resting.
May 25 – Madeline back to school Ellen takes her.
May 26 – Drove Miss Young’s horse to Sand Bay. She stays over.
May 29. Went to Delta today to see Bridget.
May 30 – Last day of May. Madeline to school.


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