January 11, 2016 -Bees nest kind of day

Today started out quite nicely.  I got up because I had to leave by 9:30 to go to the hair dressers.  A nice young woman who does hair in her home.  Got to see Denis before he left for work which was nice.  He is not leaving as early as in prior years due to later classes. So that was a treat.

The drive out was very nice. Sunny and bright and lovely.   And I got there on time. timeliness is not a requirement on my list any more.  Not sure why but after being paranoid about being any place ahead of time and never not being some place at the start of a meeting or activity I don’t really care any more.  I figure most doctors don’t take you on time anyway. Meetings usually start 5 to 10 minutes after the start time so I don’t miss much.

Anyway, all went well with the  trim but then something happened.  Doing business with your family hanging about is not always the best deal.  I won’t go into details but one member of the family was pacing waiting to go out so I told the young woman to go and get what the person was waiting for.  It was money, and she could not find it and in the end it turned out that someone had thrown away the box she kept her money in in her room. Never looking to see what was in the box or asking her.  There was a lot of yelling and crying going on.  I wrote her her check and slipped out.  Not the kind of morning I expected at all!

At some point in the near future I am going to have a chat with her and explain to her this is not a good way to build a client base.  There is no way I would refer any one I know to her. I am easy going and since I know the two girls and the mother I just went with the flow but I would not put any one else at risk of that kind of situation.

Got home, ate lunch, made some phone calls, ran to the pharmacy and then opened the mail.  Ah such mail.  My insurance company wrote to tell me that my new script for Armour thyroid would not be covered after 30 days.  I was surprised the paid for it in the first plan and they paid for the extra dose I picked up today.  And they said I was a new customer.  Totally weird. It may all come back at me at some point but they should know I have been a member for a long time.  My doctor gave me a website where they tell you the lowest price for prescription drugs in your area.

So I decided to take a nap. Was exhausted. This adjusting to new meds is harder than I thought.  Denis came home just before six and I was sound asleep.  Love to sleep. The life of a hypothyroid grandma.

April 1910 Charles O’Connor Diary

April 1 – Fergus’ Day. He has to phone us. Madeline was very sick and for us to come in. Also “Flip” Wilfred LaQue was dead.
April 2 – Emily and I go to Gan and found Madeline delirious with measles. She got them from young Gavin in school. Often exposed to them before but never took them.
April 3 – Went to Mass, then home. Sykes spent eve here and Miss Young here.
April 4 – Ellen gets dinner for …. and me.
April 5 – Mail day so I had to stay in and tend it. Worried about Madeline. Went to Lyndhurst late eve and phoned. She is very sick.
April 6 -= Emily came home as they think Madeline out of danger now but still sick.
April 8 – Herb?????? …. Drove cow home from Gan.
April 9, 10 – Quiet days. Annie here to hear about Madeline.
April 11,12, 13 – Ploughing and seeding and tending sheep with lamb.
April 14, 15, 16 – same work.
April 18 – Fergus brings Madeline home. She has … and can’t eat anything. Glad to see her.
April 19, 20, 21, 22, Colts and cattle coming to pasture our sheep have had five pairs of lambs this year. All good too.
April 24 – Rainy day.
April 25 – Madeline returns to school hate to see her go as she is weak. The little Gavin boy died of spinal meningitis which follows after measles. She feels badly as she was so fond of that little lad.
Rest of April – Farm work some visitors.


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