January 10, 2016- “A Dollar and a Dream”

Actually it is now $2.00 and a huge dream.  Yesterday hubby and I were driving to the Winter Wimp race in  Hagaman NY and started talking about the Power ball lottery  and what we would if we won 800,000,000.00. That is such a lot of money who could figure that out. But here are somethings we would do.

  1. Fix up this house and keep living here. Add a front all season room and a back room as well.   I would have the whole back yard dug up and redone.
  2. We would travel a lot.
  3. we would set up trust funds for our children and grandchildren.
  4. we would give money to several foundations that we support
  5. I would give each of my siblings some money
  6. we would start a foundation to see that charities that we support and other areas of medical research we would support would have additional funding.

That as just the list we came up with last night. Than we heard no one had won so it is now over a billion.  Can you even imagine that?   That is almost too much money for the average person.  Can you see a family of four living on 20,000 a year all of a sudden having that kind of money.  All the people who would come after them.  We agreed our first phone call would be to a lawyer.  And we would tell no one until we had a plan in place.  But that is all a dream and I have always been a dreamer.

Are you dreaming too?????

Charles O’Connor Diary

March 1910

March 1 – Dr. Donovan back to see me.
March 2 – Went to Bryan’s house but not able to go to funeral. Fine day. Little Bryan girl dead.
March 3 – Fergus came out for Ellen. He and I called at Bryans. Snow all gone. Wm. ( or Tom) Bryans little girls funeral today. Sykes tapped 86 trees.
March 4 – Got out spring wagon.
March 6 – Sunday – Mike, Maggie, Tom and little Maude here for afternoon and eve. Good visit.
March 7 – Took Madeline to school by buggy. Even had thunder storm in night.
March 8 – Cold again. Sykes brings syrup.
March 9 – Cold. Helped boil sap.
March 10 – at Chapmans today. Borrowed some buckets from Susan.
March 11 – Jim McDonald here for dinner. Madeline home.
March 12 – went to Dougalls sale.
March 13 – Rain all day.
March 14 – Snow again. Got Madeline to school but no school here because of snow.
March 21 – Had to go inspect nets, warm.
March 22,23,24, Quiet week. Holy Thursday go for Madeline. Went to directors meeting in Lyndhurst tonight.
March 25 – Good Friday. We fast until eve as usual. Sykes doing well with syrup.
March 26 – Quiet. Bought 2 pigs from Larose. $5.00
March 27 – Easter Sunday. Eggs scarce in section but we have plenty for ourselves. Mike Slack here. Then Fergus, Frank and girls came and stayed all night. He goes with me to inspect nets.
March 28 – Arthur and Annie Slack here. Fergus and Frank leave early for home. I take sheep across creek.
March 29 – Byron Stringer visits us today. Madeline invited to a Sheffields party. Johnson Moorhead takes her and Lenna B.
March 30 – Fergus come for Madeline to visit them. I found may flowers for them.
March 31 – Thursday – Ploughed lower field.


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